Australian shepherds are hands down cute, full of energy, friendly, protective and loyal. You have been thinking about getting one, but the mere thought of having to clean up their shed fur has you stalling, even if you do have the best brush for Australian Shepherds

Will your house be full of fur? How long do they shed? How much do they shed? All these questions keep you undecided on whether to get one. Of the three questions, there are only clear answers for two.

Australian shepherds shed all year round. The only difference is they shed more during coat blowing—a time when the Australian shepherd switches to its summer coat from winter.

There is no certainty on how much the Australian shepherds shed. But some factors affect how much they shed. Read on to find out more about these factors.

1. How many times you bathe them.

Australian shepherds are playful. Most dogs are.

What might be worth noting is that you should only bathe your dog when he is filthy. Mainly because the more times you wash him, his natural coat oils will be depleted. The depletion will, in turn, lead to his hair being brittle. Meaning it will come off quickly.

2. Seasons.

When summer is almost over and winter is around the corner. Your cute dog will shed as it prepares for the cold. The same is true during spring going into summer. There will be lots of hair. This is one of those facts you have to accept as an Australian owner, for there is no way around it.

3. Underlying Health  Problems

Australian shepherds shed that is true. What is also true is that increased shedding can be a result of a developing health issue. It could be caused by a fungal, bacterial, or parasitic infection. Inflammation of the skin ( a disease)can also lead to increased shedding.

It’s advisable to monitor your pup’s shedding and take him to the veterinarian for checkups. Immediately you notice increases.

4. Heat Cycle

 Mainly affect the female dogs. When your female Australian shepherded is pregnant. She will have increased shedding. But after the pregnancy, she will get back to normal—so no need to worry.

What you can do to control the shedding;

Please note, you can’t entirely stop the shedding. You can, however, control the amount. One thing you can do is occasionally brushing your dog. Experts advise brushing at least twice a week. It helps remove the dead hair.

Pro tip: Before brushing, apply diluted hair conditioner on your dog’s fur. Doing so detangles the hair. You can also use an undercoat rake to remove all the dead hair as it goes deep into the undercoat.

When you wash your Australian shepherd, which should be only a couple of times a year if you occasionally brush him, make it a point always to use dog shampoo. Avoid human shampoo as it depletes his natural coat. Thus more shedding, and you dont want that do you?

Regular visits to the vet will help keep your Australian shepherd healthy. Hence the diseases that cause shedding will be treated.