Trying to stick to a low carb diet is hard, even harder is always having to cook different meals for yourself and the family. This can leave you exhausted and even lower the chances of sticking to your keto diet. For fear of being left out.


You shouldn’t have to face such worries anymore .There are keto friendly meals that you can prepare for the whole family to enjoy.

Read on to find out about three keto friendly meal Ideas the whole family will want to eat.

Greek Salmon Salad

This tasty delicacy is made up of Avocado, olives, tomato, red onion, feta cheese, cucumber with salmon fillets.

Salad by itself is a mouth watering meal, but when salmon appears in the scene .Its game over. Your family members will be left wanting for more.

How it’s prepared.

Coat and season fresh salmon fillets.

Sear them until they turn brown

Chop some vegetables; and prepare the dressing 

Place the lettuce, feta cheese and avocado at the bottom.

Now place the salmon, dress it up with the vegetables and voila you are ready to serve!

Tips to making the perfect Greek salmon salad 

It’s advisable to use fresh salmon, as it gives the salad a unique taste.

Note: The Greek salmon salad can be taken hot, cold, or warm.

Mongolian Beef.

Made up of Garlic, flank steak, unflavored Gelatin powder, Coconut aminos, black pepper, sesame oil, ground ginger, blackstrap Molasses, your preferred sweetener.

A remake of the classic Chang PF takeout, but a healthier version as it has no sugar and low carb that tastes great .Making it an ideal keto family meal.

How it’s prepared

Thinly slice the steak against the grain

Use the gelatin powder to coat the steak 

Mix the garlic, sweetener, oil, salt, pepper, molasses, and the coconut aminos in bowl.

Pour the mix over the meat, and stir until it is evenly spread.

Place it to boil till its tender.

Congratulations, your Mongolian beef is ready .Let it cool for about 2minutes then serve.

Chicken Zucchini

Low on carbs but high on protein and vegetables .An ideal Keto meal .It’s also easy to cook and for those who dread washing dishes, it has minimal cleanup .Mainly because everything is cooked in a dish; Casserole dish to be precise.

Chicken zucchini ingredients include; Zucchini, bacon, parmesan, Chicken, Mozzarella. If you may have noticed all the ingredients are low on carbs.

 How it’s prepared.

Heat up the oven to 370 F.

Add 5 chicken breasts to your casserole dish 

On the chicken, sprinkle dry ranch seasoning 

Slice the zucchini and place it on top of the seasoned chicken

Slice the bacon and add it on top 

Finalize the topping with shred Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

Place it in the oven uncovered and allow it to bake for twenty minutes 

Remove from the oven and allow it to rest for six to ten minutes. This allows it to continue cooking.

Now you can serve and watch how you initiate your family members to embracing the keto diet.