Sometimes you may find your kids bored and wandering during the Sunday church. This is because children are naturally active and have a lot of energy. Suppressing their energy could be a bit difficult for them. 

Most of the time they don’t comprehend why they’re in the church rather than staying home in the first place. This might result in the kid’s confusion and apathy towards religion. As a parent, it’s your job to educate your child about the importance of church and their faith. If you’re looking for a welcoming and nurturing church in Aurora for your family, consider exploring the offerings at this local congregation.

The church may not always spell ‘fun’ but there are ways that you could make it more appealing to your kids. Here are some ways to make your kids enjoy their time at church: 

  1. Never Turn Down Their Questions 

Kids might not have any idea about the importance of attending church. You have to explain to them why they need to participate in religious activities and why they have to strengthen their faith. The most important part of communicating the truth about religion to your kids is by answering their questions. 

Children are curious beings. They always ask a lot of questions. So, never turn down any query from them even if it’s silly as ‘where to buy stoles that the pastor wears during service?’ You can just tell them about different stores like Sacred Stitches’ Clergy Apparel and other stores that sells them.

Your kid’s curiosity will help you in finding more ways to engage them in church. Use it to tap more ideas about what do they enjoy and what they want to do. Then, you could ask the church volunteers if they have a certain program with activities that fits in your kid’s interest. 

  1. Be A Good Example 

Children often follow their parents’ example. If you show your kids that you’re enjoying church, they might find it delightful, as well. Be an active member of your church by participating in activities. When your kids notice that you’re having fun while doing the activities, they’ll be encourage to participate, too. 

Be a good role model for your children to follow. Through this, you might not need to force your kids to go to church. They’ll come with eagerness and enthusiasm to participate. If you’re having fun in church, they sure will do, too. 

  1. Sign them up for camp 

One of the most enjoyable church activities for children are camps or enrolling them in church groups for young adults.  These usually involve multiple programs with actions and adventures to teach kids about faith. Kids could use their energy on these activities while they’re learning. 

Attending church camps can encourage children to grow spiritually. It can be a fun way for kids to learn about the Bible and their relationship with God. It could also be a chance for them to explore and meet other kids their age.  

  1. Engage Them in Doing Services 

Children enjoy being a part of something. Provide them the opportunity to serve in the ministry. This way they could feel that they’re important part of the church.

There are numerous ways to let your kids help in the church, including: 

  • Leading prayers 
  • Handing out bulletins 
  • Reading Bible verses 
  • Sharing a testimony 
  • Participating in communion 

You’d be surprised how much the kids enjoy helping out. Being a part of something will also give them a voice in the church. They could freely express their emotions and thoughts about things. This might also help them to behave properly at church. Letting them serve will help them grow as a mature individual in their faith. 

The Takeaway  

The point of engaging your kids in church is for them to experience the same relationship you have with God. The best way to share this with them is by encouraging their curiosity about faith and leading by example.

Certain activities might help your kids find fun in church. But it’s up to you to support them in whatever ministry they want to partake. The church could be fun, not only for kids but for adults, as well.