Are we alone on our journey through life? Or do other beings help us along on our path?

Many believe that guardian angels, or powerful non-corporeal beings, may help us. The Catholic church’s view may differ from other religious or non-religious perspectives concerning this matter.

Keep reading to learn about guardian angels from the Catholic perspective.

Does the Catholic Church Believe in Angels?

Whether or not you practice Catholicism, you may know that angels play a powerful role in this religion. You may see churches and other totems decorated with these beings. The church does in fact believe in guardian angels.

Guardian Angels: The Catholic Church View

According to the church, each person goes through life with a particular angel assigned to guide them from birth until death. They help their humans navigate obstacles, avoid harm, and reach salvation.

The word “angel” means “messenger”. As protective messengers, these beings reside in Heaven with God and relay to him the needs of the people they watch over.

According to scripture, the angels can influence the human senses and plant seeds into the imagination. But, they cannot force their will upon humans, so their charge lives with the freedom of choice.

While most people only receive the help of one angel, tradition maintains that priests get two angels. This helps the priest carry out his duty to God. Though the church does not officially teach this, it stands in the tradition of Catholics.

The Choirs of Angels

The Catholic church teaches about a hierarchy of angels. They say that nine choirs exist.

Seraphim sits at the top of the hierarchy. They guard the throne of God and sing his praises.

Cherubim serve God in Heaven as his helpers. They symbolize the power of God. It is their duty to protect the glory of the Lord.

Thrones live in the star nurseries of the cosmos. They protect peace and serve as middlemen between God and the lowe choirs.

Dominions lead lower angels. They manage based on God’s command.

Virtues, or the shining ones, control nature. They also create miracles.

Powers defend humans and the Heavens against Satan. The chiefs are angels of darkness that fight evil.

Scripture mostly mentions the archangels, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. They serve as God’s messengers to the people.

Principalities were created for God. But, sin causes them to act hostile towards both humans and God.

Angels of the lowest tier guard us directly. They fulfill the duties we speak of above as our direct protectors.

Can We See Angels?

Through scripture, we learn that angels can appear in dreams. But, in waking life, you may not notice them so readily unless you know what to look for. Some describe witnessing these beings as seeing sparkles of light like glitter.

Call On Your Angel

Guardian angels’ catholic view allows you to call on your angel for guidance in accordance with God’s will. This will help you on your path to righteousness.

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