A goose or a couple of geese on your Mississippi land, or even a couple of adorable Canada geese in your backyard or on the local golf course isn’t a big deal. Or so you might think. If you’re under that assumption, you would be wrong.

Whether you live on the Mississippi land for sale you couldn’t pass up or have geese invading the backyard of your business, then you need to do something about them because a couple of geese never stay just a couple for long. Soon, you’ll look outside, and there will be a ton of them, and they’ll have taken over your yard. You want timberland, ranches, and any body of water you bought with your land in Mississippi to be safe from geese and harm. In this article, you can find a few tips for chasing, not just one goose, but all the geese out of your yard.

What’s wrong with a few geese?

As a homeowner or business owner, you might ask what could be wrong with a few geese. There are multiple things wrong with having geese on your property. A gathering of geese can degrade your soil and grass pretty quickly by leaving droppings that grow at an alarming rate. Not only that, but they carry parasites, bacteria, and pathogens in their feces that could make you and your family sick, especially if you have kids who love to play on the grass. Geese are also aggressive to humans, which means you run the risk of you or your family getting attacked by them if they feel threatened or have young on the property.

Use goose repellent.

If you’re looking for the best goose deterrent to keep the geese out of your yard, then goose repellent will often do the trick. There are products that the EPA has approved that will keep the geese from eating, nesting, mating, or even gathering close to the goose repellent. Most of these products are safe to put in your yard, won’t wash away with the rain, and are safe for your family and pets as well.

Introduce a predator to the yard.

Geese have many predators, but you don’t want most of them in your backyard. Most of the time, having a family dog will work to scare the geese away from your property. Dogs are a natural predator to the geese, and some can even be trained to run the geese off of your property. Just keep an eye on your family pet, as if the geese have nests, they will not run off and leave their young but instead will become aggressive.

Don’t feed the geese.

While this may seem like a no-brainer, many homeowners make the mistake of feeding the geese on their property. If you feed them one time, you can pretty much guarantee that they’re going to stick around for the duration. It may seem cute to feed two geese that have wandered onto your property, but when you end up with a flock of them, it becomes dangerous to your health and your property.

Build a fence.

Another way to get rid of the geese on your property is by building a fence to keep them out. While geese can fly over your fence and land on your property, the fence limits the space they have to walk around. Since geese like walking in wide-open spaces, they’ll soon leave your yard for greener pastures.

These are just a few of the ways that you can run geese out of your yard and claim your property back as your own. Remember, don’t feed them, and get some high-quality goose repellent for the best results.