There’s nothing quite like a hot, sunny, beach vacation after enduring months of the frigid cold and snow of the winter. 

Picture it, you’re sitting oceanside with the sun shining in your eyes, you finish reading a chapter of a great new book, take off your glasses, and want to jump into the huge pool or wavy ocean. 

Casa Tortuga Cenote

The one question left for you here is a simple one, do you have your prescription swim goggles? Whether you are someone who loves to do laps in the pool or are more interested in the adventures and underwater exploration that comes with snorkeling or even SCUBA diving, you are going to want to seriously consider getting a pair of prescription goggles – if you have prescription glasses or contacts, of course! 

So, read more if you are interested in learning how a pair of prescription goggles can enhance your vacation experience, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get started.

See the true beauty under the ocean

If you are someone who likes to swim in the ocean, having a pair of goggles that you can truly see in is truly crucial! After all, seeing the beautiful schools of fish, the sponges, seaweed, coral and more is simply not as great when it’s all a little blurry because you aren’t able to wear your glasses or contacts underwater.

Get a great workout in 

If one of your favorite parts of going on vacation is that you actually have the time to exercise like you want to in your normal life, you are definitely going to want to have all of the best tools available to you.

Think about it, you wouldn’t want to run on a track in a pair of sandals. So why would you want to swim laps in the gorgeous pool at your hotel without being able to see clearly? Sure, you could try to swim in your goggles with contacts underneath, but that could very easily lead to you losing your contacts if water rushes in and floods your goggles. Then you would risk going the rest of your vacation having to wear your glasses all day long! That could lead to a pretty silly tan line on your face If you plan to spend lots of time in your day out by the pool or beach tanning. 

One less thing to worry about 

Let’s face it, one of the top reasons why any of use love going on vacation is because vacations give us the chance to unwind, let our hair down, and simply worry a little bit less about the day-to-day stresses that go on in all of our lives. 

By getting a pair of great prescription swim goggles, if means that there is going to be one last thing that you have to worry about when it comes to how you are going to enjoy the very most of your trip with getting to worry less. That’s what we call a win-win.