Wood pieces can boost a home’s beauty and fashion so powerfully. The ideal timber, or wood stain, may make a massive impact in integrating wood in your space beautifully and effortlessly.

If you have never Stained a wood piece before, or when you’ve forgotten how to get it done, this handyman.guide will provide you the basics. And the fantastic news is: It is not a challenging procedure! From the end of your adventure, you need to have a treasure which you love.

Materials you will need to stain wood:

  • Engineered wood bit, dry and clean
  • Wood conditioner (pre-stain)
  • Wood stain of your choice*
  • Wood finishing jacket, for example polyurethane
  • Brush
  • Clean rags (urge old white t-shirts)

The best way to stain wood — a Step-by-step guide

Start using pre-stain wood conditioner:

Begin with your Pre-stain, or timber conditioner. Ensure that your wood piece is dry and clean…and raw wood. There ought to be no additional endings on it, or this therapy won’t operate. Utilize a stripping agent to eliminate any other endings.

Apply pre-stain using a clean Brush into an inconspicuous part of your timber piece. In case the pre-stain is absorbing well, proceed to the remainder of your timber piece.

Apply the pre-stain to your complete timber piece. Pre-stain is a measure that lots of folks could bypass, but it is essential because it evens out the timber so that the stain will be consumed more solidly and, honestly, beautifully. Wait 5-15 minutes to the pre-stain to be consumed.

Apply the stain:

After your item is Pre-stained, you get a little window to use the stain for best outcomes — in just fourteen days, in reality. Stir your timber stain (recall, it needs to be oil-based in case your pre-stain is oil-based), taking care to avoid creating air bubbles. You might choose to stir the stain during your discoloration procedure, based on how big your job.

Apply the stain an inconspicuous place on your wood bit, like the bottom of the seat seat if you are staining a wooden seat.

Apply Stain liberally with a brush at the direction of the grain. Make sure you brush off slips, since these can cause strange lines or unevenness on your final blot. Work in tiny sections, like a single wood surface at one time, to make an even blot effect. Wait 5-15 minutes to allow the stain to consume.

Wiping process:

Wipe away all excess stain with a clean rag. Utilize as many rags as crucial to wash out all excess — do not let any unabsorbed blot just sit on your own timber. It’ll appear blotchy and likely be tacky forever.

After finishing the inconspicuous area and attaining the look you are after, you are prepared to blot the whole timber piece. Make certain to check intervals and stick to exactly the exact same wait times during your procedure so that your stain will consume evenly and uniformly throughout your piece.

After Using, waiting, and wiping off the stain all on your wood bit, it is time to have a rest. For a minimum of 8 hours (maybe longer, depending on the humidity and temperature of the working requirements), let the stain to keep to consume and dry.

The protective finish coating:

After the stain has dried completely, and you are pleased with the outcome, it is time to employ the very best protective finishing coating. Bear in mind this top coat must be the exact same kind as the pre-stain and stain products — oil-based to oil-based, water-based to water-based. This case employs clear coat foam for your finishing top coat.

Carefully stir the foam to blend in whatever’s settled into the bottom of the can. Avoid shaking the can thus there are not air bubbles.

Utilize a Natural foam or bristle brush to apply the polyurethane. It must come as no real surprise that you’re going to want to employ it together with all the grain, in an even light coat. Permit the poly to wash for 3-4 hours until it’s totally dry and no tackier. Gently sand using 220-grit sandpaper, wipe clean, and use another coat of poly.

You can repeat the sand-and-apply-poly procedure many times. This case shows two layers of polyurethane. Permit foam to dry thoroughly for 48 hours after the previous coat.

Congratulations! You have just successfully finished your wood stain project.