Besides having a huge proportion of working women who daily leave their house early in the morning and check in late in the evening, we’ve many of those too who prefer to be at home and take care of their families! While they break their backs in keeping everyone in the house healthy, they themselves rarely get enough chance to hit up the gym, tone up their bodies and stay fit. 

Well, showing up at the gym isn’t always the only means to get into good shape. You can always do some exercises at home and shed off those extra calories popping up from the sides of your bodies. To make it a little more fun and exciting, grab the active wear and workout accessories from ace brands at Top Vouchers Code.  Let’s go through some of the simplest yet potent slimnastics below and help you out with this.

Plank Up – Flattening your belly 

The moment one hears of exercises and workout, a flat stomach blows up in everybody’s mind! So let’s take you through it first! Plank is something that requires no movement and massive effort at the same time giving you some long lasting results and covering all the essential body parts all at once. 

All you’ve to do is to balance yourself on your toes and your forearm slightly above the ground with your feet a bit apart. Hold it for 20-25 seconds, drop down, take a few seconds’ break and do it again. You’ll be able to increase your time for holding it up gradually.

Push & Dip – Toning up the Sagging Arms

There comes a time when you yourself start loving to play with the floppy arms you’ve developed! But that, my dear, is a big NO for a perfectly fit body.

If you’re already doing some planks, you’ve covered a big part already as they have a great impact on your upper body. To sharpen them some more and get rid of that bulk, hook up on the push-ups as they affect triceps after chest. 

You can also do triceps dips where you would have to lay your arms on a seat or a bench and hoist your feet by putting a footstool beneath them. Dip down slowly and then push yourself back up. This will shape up your arms unlike anything else!

Squats – slenderizing the legs

Where squats seem to be a rock to break if you’re a beginner, trust me, you’ll be doing it effortlessly with just a few days’ practices. 

Keep your feet apart to your shoulder width, bend your knees and sit back in a squat, stand back up straight and repeat. To make it a bit more fast and intense, jump as high as you can when you’re getting up on your feet after a squat and land into a squat again. That’s called a “squat jump”. 

You’ll get to see that alongside the slim legs, you’ve gained a lot more strength and power and can walk miles without getting tired! 

Happy Workout! 

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