If you are a child sexual abuse survivor, you are not alone in the journey to find justice. Notably, many survivors struggle to express their experiences and make it hard for the justice system to put perpetrators to book. Many have grown with these secrets as they did not understand the best way to address the issues in their childhood. 

But an abuse that happened many years ago could still resonate in their daily lives. The best thing is that even if you didn’t speak up when you were minor, you can always raise the issue now and help prosecute perpetrators. 

The Child Victims Act has allowed victims to demand justice even if the abuse occurred a long time ago. Most importantly, you may be entitled to compensation if the perpetrator was somebody you trusted, such as a school leader or priest. If you’re looking for a child victims act attorney, let us at Curis Law be your companion on the journey to justice.

What Is The Child Victims Act Attorney?

The Act has been passed in different versions across the world and specifically in the United States. In general, the law recognizes the need to provide child abuse survivors with the support and platform to bring their stories forward.

Essentially, the Act provides a new time frame to these victims and facilitates legal actions. Previous statutes had limitations on the time one had to take to report an abuse. However, different states have introduced changes to statutes that limited civil child abuse lawsuits and criminal child abuse charges. 

Notably, other states have eliminated any form of limitation, allowing survivors to come forward at any point in their life. 

Compensation in Child Victims Act 

Child abuse survivors often carry the trauma throughout their life. In most extreme cases, these survivors find it hard to trust again and always feel unsafe. 

Chiefly, the survivors would feel served with justice when the perpetrators are held accountable for their abuses. Through the Act a survivor may be eligible for:

  • Medical bill- This form of compensation is meant to account for any medical expenses you may incur or have already incurred as a result of the abuse. It may include during abuse treatment, depression medication, rehabilitation, or other costs.
  • Lost wages- Survivors of these traumatic events struggle to cope with daily activities and may have limited working capacity. Therefore, the survivors are entitled to compensation to replace the wages that they could have otherwise earned. 
  • Pain and suffering damages– This form of compensation considers the mental anguish associated with sexual abuse. The amount you receive in this form is calculated subjectively to account for the harm to your quality of life. 

The court may also award you punitive damages which solely seek to punish the defendant or an institution. 

How Can A Child Victim Attorney Help?

The child victims act attorney will help you demand justice through

  • Compassionate support and guided decisions
  • Explaining the most straightforward route to get justice
  • Understanding how the abuse has affected your life and seek compensation accordingly
  • Explaining what to expect
  • Fighting on your behalf

It is a challenging task to come forward and share your sexual abuse story. However, you should feel free to consult a professional attorney for guidance, support, and justice.