Are you a home, farm, or business owner who is seeking affordable, reliable, and durable Calgary fencing? What are the different types of fences that you know? Are you wondering what is the best type of fence to use to protect your property?


A good fence enhances privacy, security and beautifies the premises. When deciding what type of fence to use on your property, always consider:

  1. Your budget.
  2. The type of fence used by your neighbors.
  3. The purpose needed to serve.
  4. The homeowner association rules that restrict the material of the fence to be used.

Types of fences.

  1. Wood.

Why you should select wood fencing.

  • It is versatile and provides a wide range of fencing styles, designs, finishes,colors, and treatments to choose from if you do it for a wood fence.
  • There are available decorative wooden fence panels that would make your garden look stylish and elegant.
  • It is durable and can withstand a pretty harsh climate. If well maintained it can protect your property for up to 35 years.
  1. Chain link.

Chain link fencing is very affordable, easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance.

Reasons to select chain link fencing.

  • It is cost-effective compared to other fencing options. The price of galvanized steel wire mesh is relatively steady thus this fencing is affordable.
  • It is strong and can withstand battering caused by ice, wind, rain, or snow. They do not rust.
  • They have a relatively lightweight property and a simple panel design making them easy to install. This lowers the overall cost of fencing as installation cost is highly reduced.
  • Galvanized steel mesh provides flexibility allowing a relatively open view or slats can be added to block the view creating more privacy.
  • It requires minimal maintenance like clearing vegetation, pressure cleaning it occasionally, and tightening loose bolts.
  1. Ornamental.

It is the toughest, strongest, durable and they look good. This type of fencing is preferred because:

  • It requires minimal maintenance. Once installed, there is low maintenance involved like clearing vegetation around the fence and occasionally pressure-cleaning it.
  • It is very secure. It is very hard to climb them and strong materials are used in its creation.
  • It has a high tolerance. It is made from robust materials hence very durable, strongest, and toughest. It is the best fence for extreme weather conditions since they are not subject to rotting, fading, or warping.
  1. Vinyl.

It is resistant, durable, and has a low maintenance cost. This type of fencing is becoming increasingly popular because:

  • They are eco-friendly. They consist of naturally durable and 100% recycled material.They do not require chemical weatherproofing sealants to protect them hence fewer toxic chemicals can leak into the ground.
  • They require low maintenance. To be in perfect working condition, it does not require a lot of maintenance since occasional pressure wash is enough to clean it.
  • They are strong. Vinyl is resistant to discoloration, sun damage, and rot.
  • They improve the aesthetic value. High-quality vinyl fences are available in varied colors and designs to enhance the beauty of your property.
  1. Agricultural.

The types of these fences include barbed wire, high tensile wire, pot and plank, posts and rails, and split cedar. To install the fence fast,cost-effectively,and professionally, choose a company that has the manpower, expertise, and equipment for the job. They are used to:

  • Secure livestock preventing them from wandering off to roadways.
  • Protect the vegetable farm from unwanted hungry animal threats.
  • A secure recreational area like the swimming pool.


Fencing your property increases its value and provides security. It is important to select the best and right type of fence to enhance the security of your property and contact the right installation company like while keeping the cost down. Wooden, vinyl, agricultural, ornamental, and chain link are the various types of fences available. It is advisable to always consider the reasons for installing the fence then look for a style that matches your home.