Hampshire College is one of the most innovative institutions in the country as it promotes students in pursuing their passions through exceptional program designs and professional faculty committees. 

The engaged learning provided in the institution offers a rigorous path to transform students into knowledge creators that connect their academic knowledge with their lives and experiences. 

Attending this institution would guarantee that your efforts will not go in vain as most of the notable stakeholders in the society have a connection with the college. 

Below you will find critical information that can help you join Hampshire College. 

Is It Hard Getting Into Hampshire College?

Getting into Hampshire College involves a robust admission process that determines whether your high school grades meet the threshold. 

The college has a high admission rate, meaning that very few applicants get rejected. Notably, the college receives more than 1000 applications every year and accepts around 90%, depending on their grades and vacancy.

How Is The Experience?

Most of the students seeking to join the college enroll for a degree course and come from different backgrounds. The institution has a bullying and discrimination policy to ensure that no form of discrimination happens to staff or students. 

Besides, there are stringent measures taken against individuals or groups accused of discrimination and bullying. Therefore, you should feel free to join the institution regardless of your background, as there is a great learning environment. 

Hampshire College Performs

The college encourages students to form customized programs that they feel would lead to effective studies. The step has played a significant role in promoting College performance in the country earning national awards as one of the top higher learning institutions. 

Hampshire has received more than 10 Gilman scholarships and 24 Fulbrights awards among others. 

What’s The Institution’s Value Of Education?

You don’t want to join a college where you feel like you are overpaying for education. For this reason, you should understand the institution’s programs that should reflect in the fees not to regret when it’s too late. 

Getting into Hampshire College is one of the surest ways to get the value for your money compared to other higher learning institutions in the region. 

The education programs provided at Hampshire College are what you anticipate when spending every penny on education. Besides, the college offers financial aid to students every year. 

On average, they offer around $40,000 per annum. However, if you are not interested in the annual financial aid, you only need roughly $160,000 for a bachelor’s degree. 

Note that college expenses and fees vary depending on your circumstances. Some of the steps you can take to reduce costs are to save some bucks by living in a school in-estate or living off-campus with a friend or roommate. 

The Hampshire College provides high-quality education and has friendly learning programs that fit into unique circumstances. When deciding to join the institution, the best thing is to check whether your grades meet the threshold and whether there is an additional test you may be required to do before admission. If you are admitted, you are sure to have the best experience throughout your college life.