Whether you’re in a country or area that has the coldest winters, you’ll never know when you’ll feel the scorching sun hotter than it was before. Various conditions and factors affect the weather and temperature. Air conditioners can always come in handy, especially for places that science and history record to have the highest temperatures and more. If the temperature rises and you don’t have an air conditioner (A/C), you’ll most probably regret not buying one before. Heat can affect infants, animals, plants, and such gravely. Even healthy adults can have a heat stroke. You don’t have to wait for the moment that would make you feel bad for not having one. You can purchase one anytime and mostly in any home appliances store.

But before that, you should learn about the different types of A/Cs so you can assess which one to buy. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Particular kinds of A/Cs ma not also be a good fit for some rooms, buildings, and scope of a room, house, or structure you want to achieve:

Central Air Conditioning

Suppose you have large rooms or a towering home wherein you want to cool multiple rooms simultaneously. In that case, you should consider the central air conditioning or central air as they know it. It is the most effective type of air conditioner for the scope of the area you want to cool. Its cooling compressor stays outside the building or residential home and cools the air. The system uses a coil filled with refrigerant to cool the air. Then, the fan blows through your ductwork and distributes air throughout your home.

Central air conditioners are more challenging than others to install. You should call an expert when you choose to install central air. More so, as it is the air conditioner with the most detailed and thorough planning, expect that it is also the most expensive among the types of A/Cs. However, central air seems to be the best A/C units for a commercial spaces since most commercial spaces are massive. Some rooms may require more than one central A/C units. 

Window Air Conditioners

This A/C type is the most common among all the air conditioner types. You can see them over by the walls when you walk down streets. You probably have some friends who own this type of air conditioner. Window A/Cs are mounted in windows and cools the air by pushing hot air from the room out the units back and sides. While it reduces the heat, it also has its refrigerant cooling system cooling the room’s atmosphere.

Portable Air Conditioners

Window and Portable A/C types fall under the category of a unitary air conditioning system. This means it is self-contained and has the essential components for cooling in just one appliance. This A/C type is not for rooms with its square feet above 500 and may also be noisier than other air conditioning systems. The main reasons why people opt to buy portable A/Cs are room aesthetics and compliance with building regulations. Some buildings do not want their residents or offices to install a window air conditioner.