Disclaimer: I have used Dreamstime for many years and received some complimentary downloads in exchange for my honest review.

As a blogger, I spend a lot of time working on my websites. Blogging takes a lot of time and work – more than I would have ever guessed. One of the big parts of being a blogger is making sure I am efficient and that I use the right tools to maximize my time, and I have been using Dreamstime products.

While I love taking my own photos, I am not always able to find the right photos for my posts. For example, when we travel, we take lots of photos, and I have never had a problem taking and editing photos for my travel blog posts. But when it comes to things like writing about recipes or parenting, I can use some help with stock photography, and that is where Dreamstime stock photos come in.

When we travel love taking our own photos, so the experiences that I share on the blog are all of my own photos.

I took this photo on a short hike we went on this past Fall.

But when it comes to writing about things like foods, Dreamstime stock photos have been a wonderful resource. It is easy to get set up on the Dreamstime website, and all you need to do is create an account and choose what level. When you want to find a photo, it is easy to search for what you need, since the photos have great key words. Once you find something you like, there are a variety of download sizes and types to choose from.

Food photography is tough, and there are so many times I take a photo only to have it turn out awful, and the last thing I want to do is have to recreate a whole recipe.

I have a vegetarian blog, and between the two blogs, I am so busy. Take for example, we made some awesome zucchini fritters, but by the time I got around to writing about it many months later, I realized I did not have a good photo of grated zucchini. Dreamstime to the rescue!

I also post a lot of pasta recipes. But by the time I am writing these up on my blog at 10pm, I realized I don’t have a picture of pasta boiling in the pot. Not only that, but the times I have taken pictures of a pot of pasta, the steam makes for an awful photo.

Stock photos from Dreamstime are perfect for making Pinterest pins. I don’t always have the right size photo, or even much of a photo. I wrote “Tips for an Eco-Friendly Christmas”, since I love writing about an eco-friendly lifestyle, but I did not have any holiday photos on hand that would work. This photo caught my eye immediately because it framed the title perfectly.

Another example is this pin. I wanted to write about some of the eco-friendly advantages of paper straws, but did not have the time or cute paper straws to take a photo that I wanted to use for the pin. In no time, I grabbed a photo from Dreamstime and added a title. So easy!

Dreamstime photos are a great way to supplement blog posts. I wrote about growing our own garlic, and I had some good shots of us planting and then us harvesting the garlic, but then I realized my photos of the garlic scapes came out blurry, and that I had not taken a picture of the garlic that we used for planting. Once again, Dreamstime to the rescue.

In addition to a paid membership, there are plenty of free stock photos available as well. I love making my blog posts fun and visually appealing, and this is a great way to do that.

Running a website is a lot of work. I spend an incredible amount of time and effort blogging, and having good stock images is a must. Dreamstime is the perfect solution to so many things.

Check out Dreamstime at https://www.dreamstime.com/