Most of the vacuums are available cleaning equipment that is what people buy to clean up their house. However, some of the vacuum cleaners cannot clean wooden floors. Different types of floorings will require different kinds of vacuum cleaners to do the job for you. 

Here arise several questions like Are you thinking about picking up all the trashes, dust, and hairs from your hardwood floor? Are you thinking about something that is lightweight, easy to use, and quick cleanups your hardwood floor? The simplest answer to all these questions is that any vacuum cleaner can clear out all the dirt from your hardwood floor. But if you want to completely clean out all the surfaces and corners of your home, all the particles from your hardwood floor, something that is lightweight, easy to use, quickly clean out the mess, and is affordable too then Moosoo vacuum cleaner is one of the best choices from all the vacuum cleaners. It is a good hardwood vacuum cleaner with strong suction to give the best results. 

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best vacuum cleaners that are made for hardwood floors.

Top Vacuum Cleaners for hardwood floors

Moosoo vacuum

The hardwood floors can make any space more beautiful and attractive, they also require more care and complete clean up to look new and graceful which means you need a great vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. This Moosoo vacuum cleaner gives great suction on hard surfaces and is specifically made not to damage or not scratch hardwood floors. It is not easy to keep the hardwood floor clean but Moosoo vacuum cleaner makes it easier. 

Any expensive or decent vacuum can keep hardwood floors tidy, but this cheaper Moosoo vacuum cleaner just takes two to three passes to clean the mess. In spite of that if you are shopping for an easy rolling vacuum or an upright vacuum for hardwood floors this Moosoo vacuum cleaner offers a large amount of power, effective operation, and features made with hardwood floors in mind. 

If we talk about the battery, Moosoo vacuum cleaner has a super long-lasting battery and powerful suction. Its cordless running time is 20 to 28 minutes with a guarantee of cleaning out all the houses thoroughly. 

Instead of hardwood floors, you can also use Moosoo vacuum cleaner on the luxury floor or marble floors too. It works amazingly on luxury floors and marbled floors and left you impressed with the neatness and quality. 

Shark Navigator

The Shark brand vacuum has earned a decent reputation of being at the shark brand vacuum cleaners’ top. To begin with, Shark Navigator is a piece of appropriate equipment to handle your vacuum cleaner needs. 

The vacuum has a hard floor attachment made to produce gentle cleaning that you will require for all your hardware floors. The equipment has washable microfiber pads and will not scratch your floor surface at all. It can get rid of small particles of dust, as well as large debris. It will produce a clean, shiny surface that will make you happy every time you look at it. The whole job is done without much hassle, and the rotating cleaning head makes things simpler and more comfortable.

If the vacuum is upright, then you should have no problems with this vacuum. A removable canister allows it to function as an easy to operate the hand-held vacuum. The cord is also long enough to reach out and clean hard to reach areas around the home. 

Moreover, it has a sound filtrations system that suits people with allergies well.

Hoover Linx

Hoover Linx is one of the vacuum cleaners from the BISSELL brand. If you are searching for a light and portable vacuum, then the Hoover Linx is a small, mobile device designed for hard floor surfaces, but it comes within budget as well. It is not heavy too. 

The machine is designed for every usage, and the maneuverability too. It also comes with a tilted handle, so it can go right under and clean the bottom part of the furniture and steering that it can swivel about.

Moreover, a power brush uses cyclonic technology to do deep cleaning without scratching or damaging your floors. It can adapt fast to carpet floors and hard floors as well. The device also has side brushes for adequate cleaning. It suits most floor types, except deep pile carpets. As for people that own pets, you can use it to vacuum pet hair. 

Overall, it is an excellent vacuum for hard flooring and also at a budget price. The brand promotes a high-level of quality, which comes with a 2-year motor warranty.


This baby cleaning device is compact and light, where the price of the vacuum is even better than the Hoover vacuum.

Great tool for cleaning the stairs and moving everything all around the house. The cleaning head can also be adjusted when it moves from a carpeted floor to a more rigid floor surface. You can change the vacuum settings with your foot. It is easy to carry around and very portable as well.

It is also a relatively strong suction that makes it great for a small, compact cleaning device. Moreover, it cleans well too. However, this vacuum suits floors that have flat surfaces and thin carpets. The vacuum device is also bagless with three levels of filtration systems. However, there are no product specifications, so it might not suit people with allergies. It comes with a dusting brush as well. The BISSELL vacuum comes with a good reputation for producing much high-grade equipment and good service networks.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum is meant to be practical and has a sleek design. The whole make of the vacuum is simple and easy to use, no matter if you use hardwood floors or carpet floorings. The cleaning head will adequately adjust to clean up every single surface efficiently.

Most of the vacuums that do not come along with bags are not acceptable when cleaning the empty cup. You might end up coughing up a lot of dust that has been stored in the air. Dyson can win this by adequately sealing the bottom part of the vacuum.

There is a cyclonic technology that can eliminate allergens and debris so that users who have allergies will not suffer after this. It also means these filters will stay clean for a more extended period. However, it doesn’t suit pet hair at all. It can still clean hard floors and carpeted floorings. 

Final Verdict 

Regardless of costing more less than other competing vacuums, the Moosoo vacuum cleaner is the best performer, lightweight vacuum cleaner, and is easy to assemble or disassemble.