Drain or not to drain? This is a common question among new users of water heaters, especially women who wonder if it is possible to do it for them. Let’s figure out this question, and find ways of how to do it painlessly. In addition, let’s cover the necessity of finding a contractor when draining is hard to approach.

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Can a Woman Drain Water Without Finding a Contractor?

First off, let’s start by saying that any expert would suggest draining water once or twice per year. The reason behind this recommendation is obvious since it helps to get rid of all possible sediment or else called buildup which has a tendency to collect in the tanks. If avoiding this cleaning procedure, a water heater will face hurdles in heating up the water. Beyond that, it may lead to unexpected expenses and the use of extra energy.

Secondly, it is pretty simple to drain water for women, however, several steps should be learned prior to starting it.

How to Drain a Hot Water Heater When It Won’t Drain Without Finding a Contractor?

To master the drainage of water, every woman is recommended to first proceed with finding a contractor. The expert will first show how it is ongoing and explain every step involved to do it regularly without any third-party help. If you still want to do it on your own, overlook the next advice:

  • Be ready to face a leakage. It is common for the drain valve to leak when you want to drain the tank. There should be no worries since the drain valve was closed for 6 months to 1 year, and it is getting older. Prepare a cap for the valve. Otherwise, by finding a contractor, you may be advised to change that valve if it is already gone faulty;
  • Mind, the unit may not drain. It happens because of a clogged valve resulting from excessive sediment. In this case, you should try to open the faucet and let the water drain for approximately 15 seconds. If the water drains, it will unclog the valve. If no, the contractor’s help is necessary.

Beyond that, to make everything clean and fast, you have to possess equipment or auxiliary things. It includes a garden hose, a pan to check the quality of water that is leaking, an old towel to clean the surface and pipes, and a screwdriver. 

These are basics when you do everything without finding a contractor. Now, let’s move to the exact procedure of draining when you are sure you can cope with everything.

How Long to Drain Hot Water Heater?

Either you are a woman or man, the process is simple. Note, some steps may differ depending on the type of water heater you exactly have. If possible, you should refer to the manufacturer’s brochure where drainage procedure may be occasionally explained in steps. Otherwise, when your documentation for the unit is missing, finding a contractor is strongly recommended. 

  1. Turn off the system alongside water. Ensure the pressure is off by inspecting the water flow in your whole site;
  2. Open the drain tap/valve. At first, it won’t drain much since you should release the tank. To direct air into the tank, remove one end of the hot water pipe, and then pull it a bit to the side;
  3. Flush your tank unit. When the tank is fully drained, you may flush it using several gallons. Turn on the water for a few seconds, and let it drain out. Note, you should leave the hot side water pipe fully disconnected until the flushing procedure is complete. Only after, you may reconnect the pipe;
  4. Refill unit. Disconnect the drain hose, and switch off the valve;
  5. Open the hot side of a fixture. Keep it running until you are sure that all air is off;
  6. Turn the power of the unit. Within 30 minutes to 1 hour, hot water should come back;
  7. Ensure the drain is closed fully. There should be no leaks around. If there are any, you should close it more tight using the equipment. If it still leaks, you’d better proceed with finding a contractor to fix the issues or ask for third-party help.

So, how long to drain a hot water heater? The whole process won’t take more than 1 hour, and on some occasions even faster. The exact draining takes 20-25 minutes if you have done it before. As you may see, the process is fairly easy, hence, a woman can smoothly proceed with it. If there are still doubts or hesitations, finding a contractor will be the best decision to be guided through all hurdles.