Winter is already ending, and it seems that during these times we don’t get to experience different makeup looks and we mostly protect our skin from the cold. And it’s time already to plan out your summer, your trips, outfits and of course your makeup and skin care! There are some good things about Summer when it comes to makeup. You can go a lot more natural. The summer glow you have been trying to get, you can get naturally. We are going to give you some tips that will make you look awesome now, and give your skin the summer months to breathe and heal from this harsh winter and the active months of growth of spring.

1. Step Up Your Cleaning

Summer means sweating. You are going outside more for work or play and you will sweat. Even though you can make that work for you when you sweat all the nasty little things in your pores settle on your skin. It will clog and cause blemished skin. Regardless of how old you are, you can get a huge bump the morning of your date with the handsome new guy in Engineering.  

So, the first thing you do every morning when you get up is thoroughly wash your face with your favorite facial wash product. Most women have their favorites, If you do not, go with one made by the makers of your foundation. It is made to remove your brand. The important thing to look at when choosing your product is the packaging! It has all the important information about the skin type, SPF, and ingredients. And a product like that can also be a great gift!

 2. Moisturize

This is an important step.  But you need to be careful. You are going to apply sunscreen and UV protection every two hours. So you do not want to have too much cream going on your face. 

After you have cleaned your face, pat it dry, 

3. Good Foundation

You can use an oil-free foundation. You do not want the glow you reached for up until now. The summer heat will handle that. Experiment with an oil-free cosmetic foundation, a BB cream or a CC. These are very light foundations that simply cover but do not give you the look of being creamed.

If you are in the sun, pat on sunscreen with UV protection. Use your sunscreen during your day and save your add it in the evening. 

4. Skip the glow – Go With Bronzer and Tinted Lip Balm.

Adding too much makeup can ruin your look and make you look plastic. There is no need for a highlighter because the summer glow is definitely enough. You can add a bit of bronzer to seem like you’ve been basking in the sun, and you’ve just come from the beach! Also, even though a red lip looks beautiful with sun dresses, it’s so much better to wear a nice tinted lip balm. It will keep your lips healthy and give you the pop of colour you need!

5. Good Skincare

Don’t forget to wash and moisturizer before you go to bed. Right now you are practicing good habits to protect your skin. But the day will come where you will be rolling back the hands of time. Your beautiful skin will look it’s best right now. So do what needs to be done to look your best. One day you will be glad you did,

Please note. One mistake people often make is holding themselves to a seasonal look because they believe it is the law or something. There are no makeup police. You are allowed to dress as it is appropriate. For example. It is the month of June and we want to have a healthy glow from the beach. But, let’s say you have an important dinner to attend. It has rained for a week and you look a bit drab. Do you arrive pale or do you grab your kit and add a bit of shine and color. That’s right, you do your magic.

Makeup makes you look like a better you. That’s all there is to it. That you make the call.