You probably never imagined that you would have to go so long without seeing your friends. Once they realized how deadly the new virus was, people started returning to their homes away from schools and offices. You were no longer a few minutes away from your squad, and you dreamt of the nights you partied together, the Saturday brunches and all the travel plans you made.

 The one silver lining among these lonely clouds is the fact that you live in the 21st century where you can always be connected with everyone. Even if they are not physically right next to you, you can easily interact with their virtual presences via various apps and social media platforms. So, you can always feel assured of the fact that your best friends are only a few clicks away in the online world.

It’s 2021, and you have video called each other too many times with the conversations lasting several hours. Conference calls with everyone in your friends’ group have become a regular part of your weekly routine. You know everything that’s going on in their lives through their Instagram stories, posts and snaps. Hmmm… maybe you want to change things up and engage in other fun activities with your friends. Given below are a few things you could do with your friends online.


Watch movies together

Of course, everybody has at some point or the other made attempts to watch a movie with someone a thousand miles away. This process was too tiresome since you were constantly checking if your videos were synced and it was off-putting when the other person laughed at a joke you were yet to hear. Technological geniuses quickly recognized this issue and introduced extensions like Netflix party, which would help sync a movie or an episode with a friend. There was also an option to send text messages.

Texting your friend while watching a movie doesn’t seem all that appealing. Some desperate individuals tried to come up with innovative solutions such as “presenting” a film on a Video meeting platform such as Google Meet. This too came with its own problems.

But today, there are platforms such as TwoSeven that helps lonely individuals who are miles apart from each other watch things together. Besides syncing your videos, these websites also give the option of video calling while watching the movie. Yes! You’ll get to see your friends’ reactions and talk to them as you watch the same film together. So, grab your popcorn and gather your friends online for a late-night horror movie session.

Play Multiplayer games

This is a no-brainer. It is easy for friends who enjoy playing video games to stay connected via the games you play together regularly. Sometimes your gaming preferences might vary widely, but once you have discovered a great game that all of you enjoy, your workday evenings can turn incredibly fun.

Some games such as Dead by Daylight prevent voice chat to improve the horror gaming experience. Discord to the rescue! Create a discord server for your friends and keep the application open while playing games without the voice chat option. If you research online, you will also come across certain Discord bots that provide various facilities such as playing music for all the members who are using voice chat at the moment.

When the game Among Us became extremely popular in 2020 and people spent hours figuring out the impostors and killing crewmates, Discord made the gaming experience more enjoyable with friends. The Among Us auto-mute discord bot helped make sure that players did not interact with each other when they were not supposed to.

Discord servers are not only great for gaming, but they can also be used to build a community around a particular topic or interest. If you are looking to create a thriving Discord community, you should check out this blog post on how to grow your Discord server.

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Play games online

Online casinos have been popular for a while, but in the year 2020, but they became the only viable alternative to risking your safety. Canadian casino players enjoy Mucho Vegas, and you can have a great time gambling with your friends using a well-reputed online site. Today, many online gambling sites provide live dealer games to better emulate the experience of playing at a physical casino. If you and your friends enjoy Bingo sessions, you could find a platform that hosts scheduled Bingo rooms every day and take part in it.

For those who own VR headsets, online gambling could be made even more fun using VR gambling games. You’ll get to create your Avatar and watch as your friends place their bets while sitting right next to you in the virtual world.

Work out together

That’s right! Staying home and missing your workout buddies should not be an excuse for you to become unhealthy. You can use video calling facilities on your phone or laptop while all of you engage in your favourite workout routine. If you follow the same workout videos, you know how to sync them using some excellent online platforms.

As an alternative, you could join an online gym class and workout together every day. Make sure to add this to your routine and stick to it each day. These group workout sessions will be incredibly fun and also keep you healthy and looking good.

Take a step further with your online health regimen and share recipes amongst each other. Prepare the same dishes once a day or a few times a week, eat them together over a video call or while watching a movie and discuss what you think about the dish.  

In conclusion

There are seemingly endless things you could do online with your friends. You do not have to stop enjoying your favourite activities together just because you can no longer see each other in person. All that is required for these group online sessions are good internet connectivity, enthusiasm and cooperation. Remember to be flexible for those who might have a hard time going along with your plans. Make the most out of what you have got in these challenging times, and keep your spirits high.