As we get older, our bodies continue to change and with this comes changes to the human body as we head further into retirement. Whether this is the lack of muscle toning, or difficulty maintaining a consistent weight, these are all common issues that elderly relatives can face. In this article, we will be providing you with 5 tips to help your elderly residents maintain a consistent weight and good overall health. 

Maintain Your Fruit And Veg Intake 

When you are caring for the elderly, you want to make sure that you are maintaining their fruit and veg intake in order to keep them as healthy as possible. With all the vitamins and minerals that they need within these vegetables, this is the core part of a well-balanced diet for those in care homes around the UK. 

Keep The Protein In Their Systems 

As you get older the amount of muscle that your body has tends to reduce as you are spending more time sitting around with some muscles not being built up as frequently. As a result, several London care homes and several others across the UK all use protein-enriched foods to keep these muscles built up and keep you feeling strong. Whether this is a bit of meat or protein in the form of eggs and oats as apart of a balanced diet, thus helping to maintain muscles and maintain a balanced diet for optimal health as part of their three meals a day. 

Keep The Vitamins And Minerals In 

Vitamins and minerals, particularly B12 and Iron are a huge part of our diets and contribute towards the normal functioning of the body. Therefore, keeping in a balanced diet to make sure that they are getting these vitamins and minerals. However, sometimes these vitamins and minerals are not correctly absorbed by the body and should therefore be used in the form of a supplement. Whether this is a gummy or a tablet that is taken once a day, it will enable you to make sure that they are getting all the vitamins that they need. 

Drink Water Regularly

Though this may not seem like a huge contribution to help and wellness, drinking water will aid in reducing headaches as well as clearing the skin. By drinking the recommended, 2 litres of water per day, you can make sure that they are not suffering from headaches and can also make sure that the system is flushed out every day for better digestion. 

Reduce Sugar Consumption  

The final element that you need to consider is the reduction of the amount of sugar in their diet as this can lead to excess weight being gained. Therefore, taking the time to reduce sugar consumption in the diet and replacing this with calcium will help to limit weight gain whilst building strong bones. 

With this in mind, there are several ways that you can begin to make sure that elderly residents either in your care or those that are in a care home are getting the best possible diet to maintain a healthy diet.