Live resin concentrates offer the original essence to the final product. Consumers prefer this type as it gives a unique experience. The potency of the final live resin concentrate depends on the original parts of the plant. The extracts that utilize the whole plant often constitute a complex terpene profile than only fresh flowers.

The Origination of Live Resins

A small group of extractors and growers in Colorado introduced the live resin concentrate to the world. The founders pioneered the unique extraction process by creating a butane hash oil (BHO) extractor. Such an extractor can maintain an incredibly low temperature needed to freeze the live resin throughout the extraction procedure. Conclusively, it was able to preserve the terpenes and the related aroma of the overall plant.

A few live resins also constitute lighter terpenes, including myrcene and pinene. With time, there is a gradual modification of the extraction process, some of which fail to capture lighter terpenes, and vice versa. If you would like to learn more about terpenes, you can do so on the Finest Labs website.

How to Store the Live Resin Concentrate Product?

You should keep the live resin concentrates in an airtight container. Store it in a fridge to preserve the essence of the product. Moreover, avoid leaving it in the open with the lid off as it will dry out quickly. It will make it harder to use and eventually damage the taste.

Where to Buy?

Live resin concentrates have come a long way since their inception in Colorado. Previously, manufacturers sold the live resins at a premium rate. But nowadays, you can get live resins from affordable Toronto dispensaries carrying a vast range of products.

Ways to Consume Live Resin

One can consume live resin in the following ways:


The dabbing process will need a dab rig, torch, and a nail. You will also need a dabber tool with a scoop so that you can readily put the concentrate on the nail. An ideal nail temperature is approximately 550 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature will preserve the terpenes without scorching the live resin concentrate.

The process of dabbing is daunting as it needs precise measurement of doses. Failure to do this might result in negative consequences for the consumer. Since extracts do not have similar THC concentrations, knowing the concentrate’s potency is crucial before dabbing. You should always start small and gradually increase the dose.

Vaping with a Dab Pen

Vaping is a much easier method in which you have to put the live resin into a dab pen. You can use the dab pens, similar to vape pens, to fill the concentrate. Unlike vaping, it does not need a vape cartridge as the dab pen replaces its need. The dabber tool aims to get the live resin into the oven of the dab pen, and you are good to go.

Topping off

Topping off is one of the easiest methods to consume a live resin concentrate.

Live resins are the newest trend, and several upcoming products focus on offering flavorful options to the consumers. Enjoying the concentrate that remains true to its originality is indeed a remarkable experience.