As a parent, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to stay on top of housework, especially when you have a few kids and possibly even a pet, along with any other responsibilities. It feels like a never-ending cycle of washing, cleaning, cooking, and various other tasks, and failure to keep up could cause chaos, so what are a few ways to stay on top of it all? There are a few handy tips and tricks to try, which will hopefully help you to manage your housework throughout the week and reduce stress so that you can feel more in control and happier while at home. 

Tidy Up as You Go

Perhaps the best tip for parents to keep on top of housework is simply to tidy up as you go. It is a difficult habit to get into, but simple things like taking mugs out when you leave a room and washing up while cooking can make an enormous difference and even more so if you can encourage others in the house to do it as well.

Share the Load

Leading on from this point, it is also a good idea to share the workload with everyone else in your house. It is good practice to get kids to carry out their own housework, which will help them to develop some independence when the time comes for them to move out; plus, this can also greatly reduce your workload.

Create a Schedule

It is also a good idea to create and stick to a schedule. If you know that you are cleaning the whole house on a Monday afternoon, for example, then it comes habit and much easier to keep on top of. Combining this with the above tip, creating a chore schedule for everyone in the house with people performing different chores each week is smart and ensures that everyone is pulling their weight.

Use a Laundry Collection Service

Laundry is one task that can be never-ending when you have a few kids, which is why you may want to look into using a laundry collection service where your laundry is collected from your doorstep. This includes a dry cleaner Oxford service, which will save you from having to make the trip to a dry cleaner and back again once it is ready to collect, so you are saving both time and energy.

Use Meal Prep

Cooking is often the task that creates the most stress. This is because it obviously cannot be put off, there is a lot of pressure to provide a delicious and healthy diet, and it can be time-consuming and challenging. This is why you should try using meal prep, where you cook multiple meals in one session, which can then be enjoyed throughout the week. This will save you lots of time in the week, plus it is easier to provide a healthy diet for your family.

Staying on top of housework can feel impossible when you are a parent, but hopefully, these tips will also reduce your stress levels.