Whether you already own your dream car or ride a rusty jalopy that is only good at taking you from point A to B, we are constantly on the lookout for better ways to increase the life of our cars. This need becomes even more vivid when the family car comes into the picture. We want it in good shape at all times and even try to do the best, giving it all the attention, it deserves.

Whereas regular maintenance by your mechanic can prolong your vehicle’s lifespan, you can still help to keep it going for longer using these self-care tips.

Change Filters Regularly

Over a period of time, the oil filter and air filters get clogged and cannot function properly. Luckily, this is something you can do on your own with just a little knowledge. The air filter, in particular, is simple to swap.

The most important consideration should be ensuring that your filters are genuine and of good quality. The lifespan of your filters can also be prolonged by washing. You can consult your manual or a qualified mechanic if you aren’t certain how to go about it.

Drive with some concern 

Part of taking good care of your car involves driving carefully and with concern for your car. Don’t put too much pressure on the pedals, the gearbox, and even the steering wheel. Apply mechanical sympathy on your car will reduce the speed at which various components undergo wear and tear. You also realize that if you drive more carefully, you also save on fuel.

Regular fluid check

Don’t keep your family car thirsty on any important fluid. Check the engine oil at least every fortnight. Keep it between the minimum and maximum mark on your dipstick. If your vehicle’s engine is dark and dirty, it should be replaced. Diesel engine accumulates soot pretty fast in the normal combustion process.

Keep tires well catered

You can tell how “healthy” a car is generally by simply looking at its tires especially if you use JennyChem wheel cleaners to clean them. If you develop a habit of checking your tires after every drive, you increase the chances of riding smoothly most of the time. Avoid under-inflated tires as they increase fuel consumption. You can try swapping the front and rear tires so that they wear out evenly and therefore prolong tire life.

As a general rule though, it is recommended that you use the least worn-out tires for the rear to give more grip and easier steering.

Keep the Service schedule               

This is no doubt one of the most important factors to retain your car in good shape. Car service Nerang experts affirm that regular servicing gives you an opportunity to evaluate all the components of your vehicle’s well-being.

Most modern cars have warning lights that alert you when certain actions are necessary for your car. This greatly helps to remind you to take action before it’s too late. From engine check to heat, to dysfunctional lights

Don’t overload your Car

Many people fall into the trap of overloading their cars without realizing the damage they cause to them. One of the main troubles that you put your vehicle into is tampering with its fuel economy, quickening the wear-and-tear of the tires and even the brakes and suspension.

When carrying loads, keep to the manufacturer’s recommended weight levels and remove unnecessary luggage from your vehicle. Constantly overloading your car especially when driving on rough roads will hasten the wear and tear on lots of components on your car. It will eventually be a very expensive affair reversing the damage caused.

Replace Rusty Plugs

When a vehicle has trouble starting, the first instinct for most drivers is to check out the batter. There is not a bad move as there are high chances of a faulty battering causing the problem. However, old and faulty spark plugs might as well be giving your vehicle’s system the challenge. It’s advisable to replace spark plugs following the manufacturer’s specifications. This is a good preventative maintenance measure.

Keep Your Car Clean

Maintaining general cleanliness for your car may be a simple task but has several benefits. This is ultimately a great DIY activity. When you leave dirt to accumulate, you increase the chances of wear and tear as well as metal corrosion. You can choose to have automated cleaning once in a while, but hand cleaning is also a good approach to thoroughness.


We attach very high value to the family car. The longer it lasts the more valued it gets as it creates an attachment with its owners. There are several simple approaches to keeping the family car in good shape. Most importantly, don’t skip regular servicing and maintenance, as recommended by the manufacturer. Go for genuine spare parts, even if they might cost more. In the long run, this will hand you hefty savings. Review the CX-5 from Mazda as your option for a good family car.