Kids and baths. Most parents know that those are two elements that have a hard time coming together. But what if I could tell you that with a few simple tricks, you can make bath time easier to deal with? 

Kids tend to see baths as a punishment. They would rather be dirty than go and take a shower. But perhaps the primary reason why they think that way is because parents themselves paint baths and showers out to be some kind of chores. Your kids would be much more willing to take a shower if they saw it as a fun activity. 

So in this article, we’re telling you about some ingenious ways you can make bathtime fun and something that your kids look forward to, and make your life easier. 

  1. Use Special Bath Products

If you want to make your kids look forward to bath times, the best trick in the book is to have special bath products that will appeal to them. Kids cannot resist cute things and having the right kind of bath gear will make them crave bathtime. So stock up on animal-shaped soaps, colorful bath bombs, scented bubble baths, and more. You can easily get these items from specialty baby stores, both offline and online. Such shops usually have the best kids shampoos, soaps, lotions, and more which will surely appeal to your kids. You can even buy character-themed bath products if it strikes their fancy. 

  1. Get Protective Gear 

Other than the right kind of bath products, proper protective gear is also important. As kids get introduced to bathing, they tend to have quite a bit of apprehension about it all, and many a time, they tend to be scared as well. I mean, we’ve all had those days where they wouldn’t stop crying simply because they were afraid of getting soap in their eyes, right? To make them feel safe and prevent them from seeing bath time as something scary, get them bath shields or goggles that they can wear. Specially made kneeling pads are also a great tool to have. 

  1. Let Them Bathe Themselves

As kids get older, they soon start itching for independence. You may have noticed that your child wants to do things on their own and resist your help. Now, this is hardly a bad thing because by giving them the freedom they want, you can make bathtimes much easier. Instead of you bathing them, tell them that they can try it on their own. You should of course be there to supervise and keep an eye out, but letting them bathe themselves will make them see bath time as a time where they can be their own master, to say so. Once they are done, shoot a few words of encouragement and praise, which will keep them motivated. 

  1. Choose An Appropriate Bath Time 

If your kid is grumpy during bath times or tends to resist it, it might be because you’re bathing them at the wrong time. During the day, if your kid is busy playing and you drag them away for a bath, they’re going to despise bath time since they’ll see it as an interruption. Similarly, at night, don’t bathe them when they’re sleepy and nodding off. Instead, choose an appropriate time when your kid is relatively free and unengaged. This will not only keep you free, but they will not see it as an interruption anymore either.

  1. Give Them Company

When your kids are bathing, don’t just leave them be or sit there. Engage with them and stimulate them, by playing, talking, and so on. The lack of interaction makes bath time seem boring and uninteresting to kids, which is why they dread it. When you spend time with them there, they’ll see it as an opportunity to engage and have fun with you, which will make them look forward to it. It’s also a great way to bond and make sweet memories.