Almost everyone will experience problems with their teeth at some point in life. When was the last time you went for a dental checkup? It is recommended that you should see a dentist at least once a year, even though you don’t have any signs of dental problems. By doing so, possible underlying problems will be detected early enough. And if you need a good dentist, head over to the professional dental clinic in ny.

Emergency Dentist

However, you may experience some signs that require immediate intervention from a dentist. These include:

Jaw Pain

Experiencing jaw pain can be alarming and a cause for concern. Some of the main causes of jaw pains include sinus infections, toothaches, blood vessel problems, or other underlying conditions. Normally most jaw pains are a result of temporomandibular joint disorder. This refers to problems affecting the chewing muscles and joints connecting your jawbone to your skull.

Sometimes, jaw pain may go away eventually with simple dental-care practices. If it doesn’t, you may have to visit your dentist for treatment.

Bad Breath

Bad breath can be quite irritating and can lead to psychological distress. Anyone can experience bad breath; in fact, 1 in 4 people are estimated to suffer from bad breath regularly. The condition is ranked as the 3rd common reason why people visit the dentist.

Bad breath is associated with not brushing or flossing regularly. When you don’t brush regularly, bacteria forms on the bits of food left in your mouth. The sulfur compounds they produce leads to bad breath.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can be caused by poor oral hygiene according to dentists at It occurs due to plaque building up on the gum line, which eventually leads to Gingivitis. Plaque contains germs that attack tissue surrounding the teeth. If gingivitis is not treated on time, it may spread to the jawbone and the tissues connecting the teeth, leading to teeth falling out, a condition known as periodontitis.

Gum bleeding may also be caused by other serious health conditions such as vitamin deficiency, lack of platelets (clotting cells), and Leukemia.


Throbbing or constant toothache pain can be devastating. It might be a sign that you have a damaged tooth. There are a variety of reasons why your tooth hurts, of which all these are worth checking-in with a dentist. Toothache pains can be caused by a tooth cavity or even tooth decay.

You should not ignore tooth pain; set an appointment with your dentist before the problem gets complicated and way out of hand. Early intervention may prevent other serious health issues. If you have endless, irritating toothaches, Brad Dixon DMD will examine the cause of the pain and determine the most suitable method.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is a health condition where the salivary glands in your mouth responsible for producing saliva do not make enough saliva. Dry mouth isn’t serious, but the condition requires immediate medical intervention when there are other underlying medical issues. Some of the underlying health problems that may cause dry mouth include diabetes, yeast infections in your mouth, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, or even due to Autoimmune diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

Broken Tooth

You may put in all your energy to maintain good oral hygiene for your teeth, but accidents can happen. An accident may render you toothless or end up breaking some of your teeth. This will need urgent dental care. A broken tooth can be painful, especially when the breakage happens near the tooth nerves.

Tooth breakage or chipping does not necessarily mean you have weak teeth. Even the strongest of teeth have their limits too. However, stronger teeth have fewer chances of breaking compared to weak teeth. Always work towards strengthening your enamel by eating dairy foods rich in protein and lots of leafy vegetables.

Excellent dental health care can help boost your confidence. It also ensures you are in good health, and nothing is disturbing you. It is essential to adopt a good oral care routine to protect your teeth and prevent other complicated health issues. Be sure to set an appointment with your dentist if you have a problem with your teeth.