Foundation degrees are popularly known as the best way to foreground idea generation, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities. It prepares students to reject traditional preconceptions and take risks outside their comfort zone. Students are required to get engaged in playful experimentation, thereby developing lateral thinking techniques. In a way, they become an expert at approaching problems with different perspectives. A foundation degree in art course includes a broad range of staff-led projects to instill the feeling of independence, culminating specialization within a particular field. This article will give you all the reasons why studying art foundation courses in London is the best choice for you.

The ability to be creative in every aspect of life is an artist’s most valuable tool. Besides sketching, many forms of art are underpinned by the elements of the foundation art course. This program is taught in an intensively demanding and innovatory environment, wherein all aspirants will be challenged to become increasingly experimental and inventive. You will instill critical and analytical thinking abilities when dealing with the work developed by your peers, as well as that of contemporary artists and designers.

What will you learn?

This programme requires you to get your hands into a diverse range of short projects that can lay a good grounding of art and design ‘languages’ within the realms of different types of media. The regular modules tend to follow a specialist path with areas targeted around Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Fashion and Textiles, as well as 3D Design. Cherish the moment of real-time dealing with all types of media, group critiques and series of one-to-one tutorials.

Furthermore to qualify this degree you need to undertake a detailed project that is proposed and timely managed by you. Take the opportunity to participate in project forms that present the bulk of the projects worked on by your peers. This involves seminars, lectures and research to provide students with an insight about art and design in general. It is tailored to prepare you for degree-course interviews, as you develop outstanding contemporary practice through compiled critical suggestions.

What is the career scope?

Successful candidates can go on to study design and art at a higher educational level or even choose to embark upon careers in several industrial divisions. Undergoing this course also bring in the advantage to build a personal or professional network, who are important members of the creative sector. You may also wish to join the alumni network to be part of a group including former students who share their experience, knowledge and feedback with current students.

Students will be supported by experienced faculty members, which primarily includes practising designers and artists. Therefore, you get to rub your shoulders with industry professionals have extensive experience under the belt across a wide array of design and art disciplines. Reach out to us today to earn quality support through your application process, allowing us to assist in finding the most appropriate foundation art degree for you.