Hosting a holiday party seems more stressful than it really is. Having a plan and preparing early are the keys to pulling off a great gathering. These tips will help you out with hosting the best holiday party possible!

Plan early

Many of us don’t really get into the “holiday spirit” until after Halloween or Thanksgiving, but you want to send out invitations before people start planning other things! Make sure to start planning as soon as possible- and send out your invitations from as early as 6 weeks to 3 weeks before your party arrives! It is never too early to shop for non-perishables and to start cleaning your home.

Choose a theme

Having a good theme is essential when it comes to hosting a party- it wouldn’t be a holiday party without one! Decide on what kind of color scheme you want, or if you have a decoration that is the “main attraction”, such as a big tree, you may want to coordinate your theme around it. 

Make lots of food

If you love to cook, you’ll want to make lots of food for your guests. Be sure that your kitchen appliances are in top working condition, because you’ll be needing them! Pick a reliable appliance repair service so that you can get your appliances running in top shape. Always overestimate the amount of food you’ll need, but don’t work yourself too hard in the kitchen. It’s okay to have others bring food or buy pre-made food from the store beforehand.  Be sure to provide appetizers and dessert, in addition to your main course.

Play music

Playing festive music is a great way to get your guests in a festive mood! Before the party starts, use an app like Pandora or Spotify to put together a playlist full of holiday songs, and when the party starts, just get out your Bluetooth speaker and connect!

Set the mood

Mood is essential when it comes to hosting your party! It’s as simple as lighting a few candles or using wreaths as decorations. You can use an air freshener to make the room smell like apples and cinnamon, or whatever holiday scent you choose, to make it smell nice and set the mood for when your guests first enter. Turning off a few of the bright fluorescent lights and putting tea lights all around can make a big difference!

So it turns out hosting a holiday party was more simple than we thought! We hope this guide to hosting a fun holiday party was useful to you, and that you have a great time celebrating the holidays with your friends and family!