Are you looking for a mover who offers packing and unpacking services in your relocation? Often times, people don’t have time to pack all of their belongings before the day of moving. In that case, a moving company can help you to pack your belongings before your moving day to relieve the hassle and stress! With a moving company, you will have access to a wide assortment of boxes and packing materials to meet your needs. Here is a list of tips and recommendations that could prove very useful to you.

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A few days before the move:

  • Book the services of a babysitter (if you have children)
  • Group boxes and other items together: to be moved in the same room, preferably on the ground floor
  • Confirm plans and agreements with the mover: date, price, insurance, time of arrival, and directions to your residence. Leave them a phone number to reach you in the event of the unexpected.

The day before the move:

You have to start doing last-minute preparation to get ready for your big move the day before. Here are some essential things to consider.

  • Pick up the curtains and blinds
  • Free up passageways and entry used by movers
  • Identify the boxes and items entrusted to the movers as well as the equipment that you will be moving yourself.

Moving day:

  • Note the meter reading (electricity, oil, etc.)
  • Check the condition of your furniture before they leave
  • Bring your phone
  • Inspect each room so you don’t forget anything
  • Before your departure, hand over the keys to whomever you need to such as the landlord or property manager
  • Keep important documents with you, such as checks, contracts, and moving invoices, etc.

Two months before the move:

There are some things you need to pay close attention to and you should do this at least two months before you move. If this is a local move, there are things on the list that are not necessary. However, if this is an international move, several items have to be addressed.

  • Employment Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance Company
  • Financial institutions
  • Credit card
  • Life insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Dental and medical insurance
  • Utility services including phone, cable, electricity, gas, fuel oil,  and Internet
  • Schools and daycares
  • Accounting
  • Employer
  • Doctor, optometrist, and dentist
  • Veterinarian
  • Lawyer Subscriptions (magazines, newspapers, etc.)
  • The Canada Post
  • Members of your family and friends

Moving can be an overwhelming experience. Since there is a lot to do before, during, and after the move, it’s easy to forget things. You need a Montreal moving company that can help you prepare a detailed checklist. The Canada Post will forward your mail to your new address for six months. You will be able to send your change of address notices to other businesses as you receive mail to your new home.