COVID-19 took many lives worldwide and became a health challenge. It startled the economic and social status of many countries. At the start of the pandemic, people were forced to stay inside their homes to ensure health safety measures. Many countries are lifting the ban to revive their economy; it has become essential to follow COVID-19 SOPs in public spaces to ensure every citizen’s safety. Therefore, we need to be mindful of the mandatory restrictions and boost our health to rid the danger as soon as possible. Focus on your immunity by taking proper care of yourself. A healthy body can respond to any foreign agent more effectively and increase your chance of fighting well against viruses.

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Here are a few tips to ensure health and wellness amid the pandemic:

  1. Eat Healthily

Cook at home and eat healthy greens; this gives your body all the necessary nutrients. Use shelf-stable ingredients if you like, and avoid or limit ready to cook and processed foods. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, get healthy snacks, and take care of food hygiene during cooking. Use separate chopping boards to prepare meat and vegetables. Dispose of food waste after a specific time; food bacteria is harmful and makes your gut weak. Add proteins to your diet and keep yourself hydrated; add healthy fats to your meals. Food allergies are dangerous; before trying new food, make sure you know about the ingredients.

  1. Stay Active

Isolation is very tempting, especially when you do not have many options around you. Avoid sitting in one location for more than two hours; keep your body active by exercising at home. Exercise is effective in boosting your immunity and building muscles. If you are on medication, consult your doctor before trying any activity.

Take good care of older adults at home as they are more prone to the virus. Their low immunity makes them vulnerable to viruses and other diseases. In the case of carelessness, they can end up in ICU. If you find it challenging to care for the elderly, you can consult FNPs (Family Nurse Practitioners), trained professionals. They arrange different activities to keep the elders active and safe. They care for the patient and suggest treatments if the patient’s condition is deteriorating. Some certified nurses are allowed to prescribe medications and consult the doctor if you have any doubts. Family nurse practitioners can make visits to your house to conduct examinations, recommend therapies, oversee routine checkups, and educate patients about disease prevention.

  1. Complete Your Sleep Cycle

You will feel tired and restless all day if you are not taking proper rest. Complete your sleep cycle to refresh your mind and body. After a good night’s sleep, your body produces serotonin and dopamine to fight stress and keep you happy. Eight hours of sleep is enough; if you sleep early, then wake up early in the morning for a workout. Also, avoid going hungry or stuffed to bed; in both cases, your stomach sends signals to your brain and disturbs your sleep. Make your bed comfortable and keep your phone away while sleeping; the phone screen light can disrupt your sleep. 

  1. Monthly Medical Evaluations

When you regularly go for medical evaluations, it reduces your chances of getting sick. It also limits the risk of complications; delaying health support means prolonging your existing conditions, which can prove fatal. During the pandemic, visiting hospitals is not a great choice unless the government has marked it as a COVID-19 safe zone. 

  1. Take Care Of Your Mental Health

For some people facing sudden changes due to the pandemic are overwhelming. Some miss their old lifestyle and want to socialize to let go of anxiety. It is better to build strong social support and reach out to family and friends in stressful events. Keep a journal to write about everything that upsets you; writing is an excellent way to keep away negative thoughts. Listen to your favorite music and spend some alone time to meditate and practice Yoga. 

  1. Redefine Your Hobbies

You can spend your time improving your hobbies; many worldwide have turned their hobbies into a profession during the pandemic. If you like cooking, experiment with your recipes. Paint, read, write, and avail all the resources for arranging a family activity if you want to. You can post your art online and sell it.

  1. Avoid Negativity

Negative thoughts are harmful to your mental and physical thoughts. Stop following all the inauthentic news channels and pages that post false data about corona mortality. Once you learn to let go of all the unnecessary findings and news, your life will become easier.

The Final Word

Nothing is more valuable than maintaining a healthy mind and body. The way you cope with your day to day task relies on your health and wellness. Senior citizens are vulnerable to the pandemic; they need extra care, proper medication, healthy food, and early diagnosis to save them from health issues. Family Nurse Practitioners are highly skilled professionals trained to look after the medical needs of patients at home. COVID-19 has affected people of all ages; take good care of yourself and your family by building their immunity. Good food and exercise can help you to maintain healthy immunity.