During the 1970s, the Gaga Ball game originated in Israel as a summer camp sport, and today it is popular around the world. Gaga ball is a version of controlled dodge ball popular among kids who can cope well with the high energy fast moving game that keeps them engaged and active for hours.  Children of all ages who love playing are fond of the sport that does not require unique ability or athletic skill; hence anyone can join the fun.

The game is simple and consists of the players hitting and rolling the ball with their hands to eliminate other players. The playing arena is an octagonal-shaped court or pit. Whenever the ball hits any player below the waist, it puts the player out of the game with a chance of entering again by catching a ball from the sidelines.

You can set up a gaga ball pit in the backyard of your home at much affordable cost as some people have done it for as little as $50 and spending two afternoons for installation. The price is variable because there is no designated size or design for the pit, but when buying a gaga ball pit, you must have some basic idea about its design that depends on the amount of space available and how big you want to make it.

The pit design

You can design the pit by keeping in mind that usually, these are octagonal with a few pentagonal pits also finding favors among people. However, you can look at several designs to get an idea about what would suit you best. The pit design is flexible, and you can take apart the walls and change the shape of the court and, if needed, create a straight line if it suits the playing conditions. An 8-foot gaga ball pit is suitable for small yards, and you can set it up on any outdoor grassy surface where children can play safely.  The space created will be big enough to accommodate 2-3 children, but even 4-6 players can be comfortable using it.  

Consider the space and your budget

Building a gaga ball pit is best left to your imagination, but you must consider the available space to ensure no overcrowding as it can be unsafe for children. The other factor to consider is how much you are willing to spend. If you have the money and space, you can build a much larger pit where grown up children can play.  

Materials for the pit

Another important consideration is the material of construction of the pit. A variety of materials from wood to plastic are suitable for building the pit, but wood is preferred for home-built pits because it is eco-friendly. Some proprietary plastic materials that are tough and durable but lightweight and portable are popular because it needs only two people to install the pit under 10 minutes yet is as strong as any permanent structure.

Besides playing gaga ball, you can use the pit for multisport activities.