Let me tell you a thing, getting into a bond of marriage is a lovely thing and everyone hopes the everlasting happiness of marriage. But excited things start to happen once you get pregnant. Every mother knows the process of excitement from the start of pregnancy and till the birth of the baby. How difficult it is to carry the baby for the whole nine months and delivering her by bearing so much pain – the pain of delivery and the stiches in case you go through C-section- but the excitement is still over whelming.  

Once you give birth to a delicate beautiful baby, there are a lot of questions everyone starts asking. Some of the most asked question to a new mom are:

Normal labour or C-section?

Yup. One of the most asked question will be about your labour. The reason behind this question is either the curiosity or they want to know how painful your experience was about your labour. Whatever the answer you have for this question, just make sure to answer it confidently and with the happiness. You get a great gift for that pain after all. 

What is the Weight of your Baby?

Weight of the baby gets a lot of attention for the relatives and friends of yours. I will suggest to know the weight of your baby first handed because you will start having these questions right after your will get to your room from the labour room. I remember answering this question from the first day of giving birth. The reason behind this question is simple. They want to know how healthy your baby is. 

How excited you are?

If she is your first baby, then a lot of people will ask you about your excitement of becoming a mother. After giving birth, some days are very difficult to pass, but still mother arranges to answer this question. All mothers answer the same to this question. “I am more than happy and too much excited”. Motherhood may get you into some serious nightmares, but it also is the best dream you will ever see in your life. Believe me!

Mother Feed or a Feeder? 

Sometimes, new mothers are afraid of the breast feed and the process of it because it involves some pain and took some days to get properly trained for it. So you will have this question quiet often. Whatever your baby is having, let’s pray for the best of her health. 

About Your Weight and Health

Many new mothers do not know how to take care of their health and weight after getting pregnant. They eat whatever they want and ignore the advices every doctor give. The result is the weight gain in the first pregnancy. Most of the first moms get overweighed and people start asking questions about that. So in case you are an overweighed mom, get ready for this question but try to get yourself out of this trouble as soon as possible.

Happy Motherhood. <3<3