While the pandemic has disturbed many of the annual traditional celebrations around the world, Halloween does not seem to be one of them. Many families are already preparing to celebrate it even in such a situation. A recent Poll survey reports that above 70% of the moms are ready to make the most of this Halloween with their families. Of all the surveyed public, 80% says that they will be heading out to trick-or-treat on this Halloween. But is trick-or-treating in is pandemic safe? It is quite a complicated question.

Halloween fun activities like school dances and house parties have more risk of being exposed to COVID-19, but trick-or-treating is comparatively less risky. However, going outside will not eliminate all of the hazards. If you want a safe and fun time, you need to follow some guidelines.

Sandra Kesh, who is the medical director at New York Medical Group and an infectious disease specialist, states that “In areas where the community prevalence is lower, I think it is okay to plan to trick-or-treat, but it is going to be a different experience than it was last year.”

Whether you believe it or not, the risk in trick-or-treating is not the candy your kids will be getting from each of your neighbors. According to Dr. Kesh, “Getting a piece of candy from a house, bringing it home, and then eating it, I think that is less problematic.” The CDC breaks down activities that carry more risk than others. It is the way people distribute treats. Having kids head from one door to another comes with a lot more risk this Halloween.

With consideration to the public wanting to celebrate Halloween this year, some plans are among the higher risks for COVID-19:

  1. Joining the trick-or-treat tradition, where kids who knock door-to-door get treats and candies.
  2. Participating in trunk-or-treat, where car trunks line up in parking lots to give out treats.
  3. Attending fully crowded indoor costume parties.
  4. Going to indoor haunted house hunts with a lot of people.
  5. Going to tractor or hayrides rides with people other than your family members.
  6. Traveling to Rural Halloween festivals that are outside your community areas.

However, according to the CDC, you can lower the risks in many ways. It can be done mainly by a controlled Halloween walk around the neighborhood or by keeping small activities in your home or backyard, decorating your home inside and on the front yard as well as the backyard, Carving pumpkins, or virtual Halloween costume contests.

You can organize a scavenger hunt where you give children a list of Halloween-themed things to look for while they go out. It can lower the risk compared to the traditional trick-or-treating. This hunt will allow kids to walk outside while they admire Halloween decorations from a distance.

How to have a safe trick or treat this year?

Any event or house parties that involve welcoming the neighbors or other guests into your homes are not safe by any means. However, you can limit the Coronavirus spread risks related to the trick-or-treating outside by making sure that the trick-or-treat group is small and everyone in the group is practicing the world health guidelines.

You can establish some ground rules. Experts advise, “Your child should not be digging around a candy bowl, touching multiple pieces. Ask them to choose one and stick with it, and while it is hard to ask kids not to run around the street, you should ask them to stay as far away from people outside of the family as to continue to do social distancing even outside. ” 

Also, giving your kids some hand sanitizer to clean their hands after every house they visit would keep them safe.

Kesh suggests, “I would not suggest a big pack of 10 kids from school going out together; limit it to 3 or 4 kids at most and choose who you know have been practicing social distancing.” However, many families may choose to celebrate trick-or-treat alone because they may have too old family members at home.

Wearing a mask will not be difficult since Halloween is all about wearing costumes. So, be smart and choose a cosplay for your kids with a facemask. However, if your kids are a bit older, they will probably want a little independence. Choosing their costumes by themselves or wanting to go trick-or-treating with their friends without your supervision. As a parent, you could worry about their safety. What happens if you need to know where they are? Or if they need to contact you? After all, not all the neighbors are always so neighborly when it is time to pass out candy to random kids in the area. XNSPY would be the help that parents might need. It helps you get peace of mind as a parent.


How is XNSPY helpful for parents?

Xnspy is an all-in-one solution monitoring app that lets you keep your children safe in an equally dangerous virtual and the real world. The features that it offers are super helpful for parents to keep an eye on their kids for their safety. Some of the offered features are: 

  • Call logs
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All of these features will allow you to stay connected to your kids and their plans. You can check messages of your children and track their whereabouts. If they make any plans with their friends or talk about which neighborhood they will be visiting in the evening, Xnspy will let you know about it before they leave. This way, they can stay ahead of their game and ensure that they enjoy their Halloween safely. It is not just useful for Halloween, but many other occasions throughout the year as well.