As animal-lovers ourselves, we understand how much you desire that your furry buddy’s health be at peak condition any time, any season. That’s why hiring dog walk Brisbane experts is of utmost importance. They know what to do in getting the most out of your pawed friends in every single round of walking, running, and more. 

You might be asking yourself this: “What are the benefits of having my dog walk regularly? And are there dog walkers near me?” From our expert dog carers to you, learn of the advantages of dog-walking as you read on.

Dog laying down

The Physical Health Benefits 

Cardiovascular Balance

Dogs have a higher metabolism compared to us humans. They burn fat, absorb nutrients, and expel energy faster than we do. However, the misconception many pet owners have is that they think the “playfulness” of their doggies is enough of an exercise. 

Nothing can be further from the actual truth, of course. Regular workouts such as walking and running via any dog walk Brisbane route, and through the guidance of a pet carer, will decrease the risk of obesity, and ultimately, of fat-clogging in their arteries and blood vessels. 

Digestive Wellness 

Letting your dog exercise habitually will permit the increase of blood flow in the digestive tract muscles. This can aid with proper digestion, so that food is processed smoothly, and excreted without any problems. 

Additionally, it may also assist in lessening the occurrence of gas build-up in the stomach, as well as heartburn.

The Behavioural/ Mental Benefits

Mood Stability

Dogs’ mental health is to be taken as seriously as their physical health. According to studies, there are 4.5 to 5 million dogs in Aussieland alone, and somewhere close to 40% of them suffer from anxiety, whether mild or severe. 

This should be a cause for concern as anxiety, depression, and stress tend to affect the rest of your pet’s bodily systems negatively (the same is true with humans, by the way). These may lead to loss of appetite, insomnia, bowel movement disruption, muscle fatigue, or worse, heart ailments. 

With the help of professional dog walker, dog-walking can become a staple in your pet’s daily-to-weekly routine. Physical activities will prompt the body to release endorphins, and these are responsible for positively affecting mood. Anxiety and depression will be reduced, and your dog’s self-esteem will be in tip-top shape.

Social Well-Being And Friendliness 

Instead of scouting for dog carers in the area, we’re sure that it’s because you truly care about your furry buddy’s health and happiness. Aside from the benefits mentioned above, letting your dogs out is an excellent method of indirectly training them to be “social”. You can find more tips from certified dog walk Brisbane companies.

Often, unfriendliness, shyness, or in the extreme, unexplained aggravation, are due to dogs not being used to staying outside and in the presence of other people. The simple yet practical solution is to contact local dog walkers near me and you walk our pets in public spaces. Doing so will allow them to have a feel of what it’s like to be around human beings (and other animals, too) besides us, their owners.

Visit and discover how you can select the best dog walkers in Brisbane for your pawed buddies! 

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