No one is permanent, and you probably want one day to be remembered when you are gone. You can help your loved ones by planning what will happen to your digital presence after you are long departed. People accumulate a lot of assets throughout their lives. Most people ensure that their precious items are left to children and loved ones through a written Will. Even though this may be their most enduring legacy, it is ideal for spending time planning for your digital presence after you die.

Here are some tips for planning your digital legacy.

Get To Know What Your Digital Legacy Will Serve in Your Absence 

Aspects of your digital presence may be precious to those left behind. With Memories, you can safely and securely upload and store a lifetime of documents, videos, photos to share your milestones and build your legacy. Loved ones can later access this as a reminder. Some platforms can allow you to nominate a ‘legacy contact’ who has limited access to manage the account. If you fail to do this in advance, your account can still be memorialized, but nothing can be changed. Choose a platform that is designed with an easy-to-use interface with simple but effective privacy sessions. A platform that allows you to create many pages for an entire network of your family, friends, or just for you.

Get to know the types of your digital legacy 

Your digital legacy can be divided into two main categories, digital assets, and your digital presence.  Digital assets include items in digital form that you have purchased and consumed over the years. Many digital format assets don’t belong to you, even though you may have paid money for them. You may have bought a license for the term of your life. Licensing and ownership vary from one platform to another, with different rights and exemptions for different content types. Establish exactly what your rights are and what you can do with your assets once you pass on. You are also required to consider how any other devices in your home may be affected by your death. On the other hand, your digital presence is the identity you have developed online over time through your social media activity, messages, emails, photographs, or videos.

Have a good plan early

As you plan for your physical estate, you can similarly prepare for the management of your digital legacy. It would help if you created a timeline of your story to inspire your families and friends in the generations to come. This enables your family to navigate this tricky area of your life in a streamlined manner when you are long gone and in line with your wishes. Having a conversation with a lawyer may be helpful, just as you would when making your will. Many online services can take care of account closures on behalf of your estate if you choose to go that way.