Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix some CBD oil with your coffee? Coffee is used worldwide as a morning stimulant to activate the mind and start the day. Many researchers agree that the inclusion of CBD oil in coffee has a decreasing impact on the annoying side-effects of coffee, such as jitters and stress.

It would not be wrong to state that the mixing of CBD oil in your coffee is becoming a popular trend. As a matter of fact, the popularity of CBD has increased due to the many health benefits. CBD can be consumed in numerous ways, including CBD gummies, vaping, CBD balms, etc.

Read on to learn more about CBD oil and how it can be mixed in coffee to reduce the undesired side-effects.

Why Should You Mix CBD oil with Coffee?

Before we plunge into the list of benefits of mixing CBD oil with coffee, we should first address the primary concern. The question is why one should mix CBD oil with their morning coffee, first thing in the morning. We know that the active substance in coffee is caffeine. This ingredient provides us with the required kick to make us feel alert and awake. Many of us cannot focus on work or class without coffee. We need coffee to function productively.

That being said, the side-effects of coffee are undeniable too. For instance, one might feel anxious and jittery. They might also have their pulse rate going up as a result of coffee intake. This is also the reason why you should add CBD oil in your coffee. The presence of CD oil will actively minimize the adverse effects of coffee. This is especially useful for people who are explicitly sensitive to caffeine. Mostly, people add up to 20 mg of CBD oil in their morning cup of coffee. If you do not want to consume CBD oil, you can go for alternatives, such as coffee beans that have been infused with CBD. Or, you might want to try out CBD capsules and CBD gummies. Try and see what works best for you.

As the most famous stimulant worldwide, it is estimated that more than 2 billion coffee cups are consumed every day. If you are a coffee person, you might be surprised to know that tea is the winner. At least 3 billion cups of tea are consumed around the globe every day. There is no better stimulant than caffeine. However, it is delimited by specific side effects. Let us have a look at the side effects of caffeine.

What are the Side Effects of Coffee?

If you are a coffee-lover, you might be familiar with the side effects of caffeine intake. As a regular coffee consumer, you might have had the experience of feeling anxious, having a pounding heartbeat, feeling jittery and feeling overwhelmed. All of the side-effects curb our alertness and focus, which can cause us to consume more coffee to get our work done. This is where you need CBD, as it is the perfect solution for eliminating all the mentioned above side-effects. The inclusion of CBD oil in your morning coffee will also allow the caffeine to do its work without causing unwanted side-effects.

CBD Increases Mental Alertness and Focus

The inclusion of CBD oil has a positive impact on the mind. This means that it further enhances mental alertness and productivity stimulated by caffeine in the first place. CBD interacts with the same neurotransmitter that is produced by caffeine. The attention of the mind is controlled by adenosine. The build-up of more adenosine causes the brain to feel tired and slow. Caffeine works as a stimulant by blocking the impacts of adenosine. This is accomplished when the caffeine attaches to these neurotransmitters and prevents them from doing their natural job. This is why we feel alert and focused after coffee intake.

Now, when you add CBD oil to coffee, it interacts with adenosine. Still, this interaction is not as simple as the interaction of caffeine. It would not be wrong to state that CBD oil acts as a modulator of this neurotransmitter. This means that CBD directly impacts adenosine and enhances its efficiency. It also works directly with the neurotransmitters that cause happiness, also known as serotonin. The increased activity in serotonin causes an improved action, which further prompts a positive sense of motivation and well-being. 

CBD Decreases the Side-Effects of Anxiety

We all are familiar with the stress-releasing impact of CBD. Now you might wonder how it can help with the side-effect of anxiety after taking coffee. The working mechanism of CBD is not so complicated. It relaxes the nervous system by improving GABA activity. The hypothalamus in the brain controls the stress factors. CBD regulates this region and maintains a calm state of mind. You might know this one already: CBD acts as a perfect muscle relaxant. This means that the body and mind stay in a relaxed and comfortable state. An underlying cause of stress and anxiety is brain inflammation. CBD puts all stops to neuroinflammation, which in turn calms the mind.

How to Take CBD with Your Morning Coffee

Now that we are familiar with CBD and coffee’s positive impact, you might ponder about different ways to take CBD with your morning coffee. Well, the answer to this is simple. As we mentioned earlier, CBD is available in various forms. You might consume it as pills, oils, gummies, or just vape it. The intake depends on personal preference. CBD oil, for instance, is an excellent way to stack your caffeine intake. The only thing to be cautious about is the intake dose. We recommend consulting with your doctor about the perfect quantity. Typically, the CBD oil dose ranges between 10mg and 150mg for one cup of coffee with 100mg caffeine. If you do not want to consume CBD oil, you can also opt for vaping. Vaping rather than smoking is another popular way to enjoy coffee in the morning.