I have been blogging for over ten years, and there are lots of steps to take before hitting the publish button!

Include any disclaimers

If your post is sponsored, that is something you need to disclose.  For example, “I received a sample of this product in exchange for my honest review”.

Assign a category

Make sure you assign your post a category.  Sometimes I forget, and then it ends up in ‘uncategorized’, or perhaps you have a travel post that is also a giveaway, so it is good to make sure you have your categories correct.  This allows your readers to find your posts as easily as possible.

Proofread your article & spellcheck

Always proofread your work!  Some mistakes can be caught in your spellcheck, but others you need to actually proofread to catch.

Check all links

Make sure all of your links work, and you may want to add in links if you don’t already have some.

Check images and make sure you have a featured image

Be sure that your images look good and that you have selected your featured image.

Fill out meta info and tags

Meta info and tags will help people to find your blog and your post, so make sure those are filled out!

Check / choose a url (slug)

I didn’t do this when I first began my blog, and some of the longer titles meant run-on URLs.  I like to keep my URLs on the shorter side, using key words.

As soon as you publish, check the post on your blog.

Sometimes something happens between clicking “publish” and how a post shows up on my blog.  You never know when images don’t show correctly or if there are other issues, so make sure you take a look from the perspective of your readers.


Let me know if you have any questions!!

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