Your gut is your body’s oven, and the food you eat is the charcoal that makes it burn. Unfortunately, our modern diets can put out those flames and get your gut and body working at suboptimal levels. Therefore, knowing how to improve digestion is essential.

Most people do not understand how important this process is, and therefore improving digestion is not a priority for them.

How to improve digestion: step by step

Chew liquids, drink solids

It may confuse you, but there is a strong logic behind it.

You might think that digestion starts in your gut, but it starts the moment you put food or drink in your mouth. Once you do, the enzymes in your saliva will kick in, starting the digestion process. Do not worry if you are facing gerd; here is diet for gerd

That’s why chewing liquids is important, fun as it sounds.

Think about it: when you sip a delicious smoothie or vegetable juice, you will probably gulp it down quickly because it tastes so good.

Here’s the thing: if you do this, you’re not giving this healthy tonic long enough to come into contact with the digestive enzymes in your saliva. This means that you are not getting the full benefit from what you drink. To remove overgrown candida follow diet candida cleanse diet plan.

Instead of swallowing it, no matter how tempting you are, pour this healthy liquid into your mouth for a while, or even try to ‘chew’ it. 

The solids should be chewed as well, but you should make sure you chew them to the point that you practically drink them when you’re done.

This allows more of the food to contact these digestive enzymes and break down the food into a more digestible form.

It’s surprising, but when you learn how to improve digestion, know that just being more aware of how you eat and drink can greatly impact improving digestion.

Avoid drinking water with your meals

Water is an essential part of nutrition because it is part of all metabolic activities in our body. You’re probably not getting enough of it, so you should drink more.

Just make sure you don’t drink it while eating.

If you’re in the habit of drinking water every time you eat and are looking to improve your digestion naturally, avoiding water with meals could be a big step for you.

This is because water considerably dilutes the digestive secretions present in the stomach, causing partial and incorrect digestion.

Plus, cold water is even worse, as it ends up producing “shocking” stomach fluids that help break down food.

Of course, drink water throughout the day, but avoid it while eating.

Practice mindfulness while eating

I have talked about it before in this article in other articles, and it is also a big part of my two books, The All-Day Energy Diet and the recently published All-Day Fat-Burning Diet. I can’t say enough: you should practice mindfulness when you sit down to eat.

I’m not talking nonsense here; this is very practical advice.

This might be the last thing on your mind when thinking about improving digestion, but consider this: as a conscious eater, you need to be very aware of exactly what you are eating and how much you are eating. 

Essentially, by practicing mindfulness with every meal, you are providing yourself with insurance against eating unhealthy foods or too much of anything. Eating does not become a background process; it attracts your full attention.

Savoring your meals allows you to eat enough and not more. This promotes good digestive health.