I received a sample of UV Soap in exchange for my honest review.

Every since the Coronavirus pandemic started, staying on top of germs is more important than ever.  With our busy lifestyle, it can be stressful to be vigilant all the time and maintain a constant level of cleaning.  It seems like we are always coming and going and using things all the time.  I can use any help I can get when it comes to minimizing germs.

UV Soap is a modern product to help stay on top of your cleaning procedures!  This little device disinfects surfaces with UV light.

Stop germs from turning the world upside down with simple preventative measures. Disinfect any commonly used surfaces with UVsoap. It turns on automatically after a surface is used. Each cleaning session renders the surface clean and ready for the next user.

You attach the device to something like the spot over a doorknob, faucet, or handle, using the suction cup on the end.  I try to clean our high traffic areas, but the reality is that with four people in our household, I can’t stay on top of cleaning everything all the time.  It just takes 60 seconds for the UV Soap device to clean your surfaces.

The device doesn’t come on right away when it senses motion, but afterwards.  This way, you are protected from looking at the UV light inadvertently.

This is a great way to make sure that a surface stays sanitized.  I also love using this as a sanitizing station.  When I come home from work, I don’t really want to have to wash down my phone every time, so I can set it up under the UV Soap light and make sure it is sanitized.



Keeping everything sanitized is so time consuming and stressful, and this little device is a great way to stay on top of cleaning.

Visit UV Soap at https://www.uvsoaps.com/