Roofing is a crucial part of any home, and it is easily one of the more complex structures to build and install. Roofing is the crown of a home, and it serves to convey the visual appeal of a home as well as give a feel of stature. The roof is essential to protect the home, its inhabitants, and their possessions from the ravages of il weather. 

Water leakage and improper ventilation can wreak havoc on the roof structure and other wooden and metallic structures and appliances due to rusting and growth of mold. You will need to spend a hefty amount for renovating and restoring the roof, and this makes it mandatory to ensure proper installation of the roof and conducting timely maintenance activities. 

Metal roofing is extremely popular in the USA as they mimic traditional roofing while providing the benefit of a choice of colors and finishes that match the style of any home. Despite their popularity, there are a few difficulties in installing a metal diamond roof. This article will open your eyes to the seven reasons why it is difficult to install a metal diamond roof. 

1. Exorbitant Cost Of Metal Diamond Roof

The high cost of installation of metal roofs is the biggest disadvantage of a metal diamond roof. The cost of materials for a metal roof is up to three times higher than other types of roofing materials. 

Although you can save on seasonal maintenance by installing a metal roof, you will need to pay a premium cost upfront, which can be a deterring factor for homeowners. With a long lifespan forever metal roofs are the best option if you plan to invest in a roof that will last for a lifetime with little maintenance.

2. Fading Of Metal Roof

Metal roofs fade with time, and if you need to repair a part of your metal diamond roof, you may not be able to find the roofing materials with matching colors. It can also be an issue if you are planning on building a home extension.  

Metal roofs are susceptible to staining, and you will need to do costly renovations to make it look brand new again. The installation of diamond metal roofing is in large panels, and it is harder to replace than individual shingles, as in the case of other types of roofing.  

3. Expansion And Contraction Of Metal

The roof contractors will need to take into account the expansion and contraction of metal while installing the diamond metal roof shingles. If the installation is in winter, the contractors need to provide sufficient leeway for the expansion of the metal shingles in the summer. If summer installation is taking place, then adequate space for the contraction of metal due to a decrease in temperature is also mandatory. 

The latest diamond metal shingles have a fastening system that aids in accommodating movement due to expansion and contraction of metal shingles. If the installation is not proper, then the fasteners can come loose, making the roof insecure. If there is insufficient leeway for the roof, the roof may appear wavy on hot summer days due to the expansion of metal shingles. 

4. Excessive Noise

Metal produces loud noises on impact, and it can be disturbing to residents of the building if small branches and twigs from nearby trees fall on the roof. Rainfall and hail storms will also cause excess noise inside the building due to the pattering of rain droplets on the roof. 

You will need to discuss with your roofing contractor on using materials with structural barriers during roof installation to minimize the noise effect of metal roofs. You may also opt for installing soundproofing insulation or using a solid plywood sheet under the roof. Sound insulation will cost you additional funds, which are an issue for diamond metal roof installation. 

5. Water Leakage

If the installation is not proper, water can accumulate on the roof and cause substantial damage to the roof structure. Lower-grade metal shingles are thinner and less durable and are susceptible to rusting due to the perpetual accumulation of water. 

If the installation of the screws and fasteners are on the flat portion of the roof instead of the ridges, the water can seep into the screw hole instead of flowing down. You will need to install water-resistant washers around the screw heads to seal it and prevent water from causing damage. 

6. Need For Ventilation

Metal roofs can trap water vapor and moisture at the top, and during the night, the metal shingles cool and causes the vapors to form water droplets on the roof surface. The presence of moisture can damage the roofing structure, and you will need to counter it by installing appropriate ventilation. 

7. Hiring Roofing Contractors

Installing a diamond metal roof is a difficult task to do by yourself if you do not possess the basic skills of roofing or metalworking. Do roofers finance help in replacement and repair? Yes, You will need to hire a professional roof contractor with adequate experience in installing metal roofs as proper installation can prevent potential issues from arising. Metal roofs can also fail at the seams if the installation is not correct. 


There are several types of roofing available, and metal shingle roofing is one of the most durable and reliable roofing materials that are usable for your home. Metal roofs require minimal maintenance and also contribute to energy efficiency. Metal diamond roof shingles are available in a choice of metals such as copper, zinc, aluminum, and steel. 

Each material has its benefits and drawbacks, and you may choose according to architectural and aesthetic requirements. Diamond roof shingles are a classic design, and variations of the shingles with ridges, grooves, hips, drip, and gable edges are available for use to owners looking for roof installation.