People who love animals have many options when it comes to finding the perfect pet. Even those who live in an apartment can find an animal that suits their lifestyle wonderfully, although it can be harder to have a pet in an apartment. Strata Data Adelaide reminds us that before making a decision about having a pet in an apartment you should consult with your strata manager to ensure you won’t break any strata laws and be issued with fines. However, if you are allowed a pet keep reading for some great and apartment friendly pets!

1. Rabbit

If a longtime furry friend is preferable, then a rabbit may be ideal, as they can live for up to 10 years. They are packed with personality and like to interact with household members. Make sure that there is an adequate space available for the bunny to get enough exercise. Check with a local vet to make sure they can spay or neuter the rabbit if it does not come that way. If living in two bedroom apartments in Manayunk, find out what pets are allowed.

2. Fish

One of the best things about deciding to own a fish is how many options there are for tank shapes and sizes. Goldfish and betta fish can take up much less space than an elaborate ten- or twenty-gallon tank. Do the research and ask plenty of questions when purchasing fish, as not all species get along or can live comfortably in the same temperature range.

3. Bird

From parrots to finches to lovebirds, birds make fantastic pets. They can be messy, so their living area should be well protected and cleaned up regularly. Birds also need to be fed every day, as they have fast metabolisms and eat all day long. Small birds can be kept in smaller cages to save space, or a large cage can house a big bird or several smaller ones. Birds are social creatures and need stimulation in the form of interesting toys and owner interaction.

Whether the preferred pet has feathers, fur or scales, it can provide the owner with years of enjoyment. It may seem difficult at first, but many people have happily and successfully cared for animals while living in apartments.