Traditionally, most parents don’t have baby showers for their additional children.

However, many modern couples have started to host what’s called a Baby Sprinkle, which is a baby shower for a couple’s second child. It’s a great way for couples to celebrate the birth of another child. Here are some of the best gift ideas to give expecting parents at a baby sprinkle!

  1. Essentials

Most parents who are expecting their second child already have a lot of items you’d typically give at a baby shower. When trying to figure out what to give at a baby sprinkle, it’s always a safe bet to go with the essentials! Whether it’s diapers or wipes, baby essentials are a perfect gift for a baby sprinkle. Parents can never have enough baby onesies or bibs, either, and they make for some of the best personalized baby gifts you can give! 

  1. A Night Out

A cute baby sprinkle gift includes a book of “night out” coupons! These are a great DIY gift. Using card stock, a hole puncher and the pens/markers of your choice, craft a unique set of cards that the Mom-to-be can use to request a night out with you! You can make them specifically for different locations or activities, such as a manicure at your local spa or dinner at her favorite restaurant. 

  1. Family Photos

If you’re a budding photographer, offer your services to the expecting couple! You can offer a newborn session, a family photo session or even just a couple’s session. Use your skills to give a gift that the soon-to-be parents probably didn’t think they would have time or money for anytime soon after the second baby is born. Leave the redeem date open so they can choose for themselves when they feel most comfortable or ready to have the photos taken.

  1. A Baby Blanket

Even if the couple already has a lot of baby blankets lying around, they can always use another! Plus, who doesn’t love a cute personalized baby blanket? They’re perfect for car rides on a cold morning, cuddling up in the nursery or just laid down on the floor for the baby to play on! Blankets can get dirty easily, too, so giving the parents another set to use when their typical go-tos are in the laundry is a great gift idea.

  1. Gift Cards

Even if Mom and Dad already know the things their baby will probably need, there might be something they didn’t think about prior to the baby being born. Help them out by giving them a gift card to their local grocery store or superstore that carries baby items. They can use it for whatever they need!

  1. Organizational Boxes

Parents can never have enough storage containers around to put toys, bottles and clothes in! Having decorative storage containers, such as canvas totes or wire baskets, can help hide away any unnecessary clutter in the nursery or any other part of their home. You could also give a coat rack or another type of organizational furniture. This will help Mom and Dad feel like their living spaces are clean and organized through all the havoc that comes with a new baby!

  1. Food

Casseroles and food trains aren’t just for funerals or hospital stays! Expecting Moms and Dads will be very exhausted their first few days home, especially if they have other children in the home. Make things easier for them by arranging casseroles and other foods! Pick foods that stay fresh while refrigerated and will give the parents much-needed protein, such as casseroles or veggie bakes. 

  1. A Night of Free Babysitting

Offer your babysitting services for the expecting couple to use after the baby is born and they want to start their weekly date nights again. For a lot of parents, quality babysitting is expensive and typically hard to find. Giving your babysitting services–free of charge–to the expecting parents will really help them out when they decide to have a date night. You could also offer it up as a consistent weekly thing, or offer it once a month. Feel free to offer overnight babysitting services, as well! Mom and Dad deserve to have a weekend getaway every once in a while. 

  1. A Trip Out of Town

Speaking of weekend getaways, consider giving a weekend trip, travel and hotel included, as part of your gift! It doesn’t have to be far away. A weekend trip to the beach is all you need to give for the gift to truly make an impact! If that gift feels a little too expensive for you, consider reaching out to close friends and seeing if they’d be willing to split the cost with you and give the gift jointly. 

  1. Mom’s Favorite Wine

Sure, the baby can’t use this, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good baby sprinkle gift! Now that Mom is adding another child to the mix, she’ll probably need something to wind down with at the end of the day. Give her a bottle of her favorite wine to crack open at the end of a long day or after putting the children to bed. She’ll be extra glad you were thoughtful enough to include her in the gift-giving. 

  1. A Photo Album

Photo albums are a sweet gift to give expecting parents. Parents love to take pictures of their children, and they’ll need somewhere to put them! Even though many people are uploading their photos to the Cloud these days, there’s just something about a classic photo album that brings forth intense feelings of sentimentality and makes the photos even more memorable. 

Having a second, third or even fourth child doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the baby shower fun! A baby sprinkle is the perfect opportunity to celebrate new additions to a family. If you’ve been invited to a baby sprinkle, be glad! You get to celebrate new life with the expecting parents. Make sure to bring a gift you know they’ll need this time around.