With the world as it is right now, it’s no wonder so many of us are looking for amazing gift ideas for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. Though we may never be able to express to them just how grateful we really are, these gorgeous gift ideas are a great start. Select any one of the presents on our list and they’re sure to know just how much you care and appreciate the incredible work they’ve done and continue to do. We even have some you can customize with their names to give it that extra personal touch!

#1 Personalized Best Doctor Ever Mug 

Whether it’s for a doctor friend, a loved one, or simply an incredible physician that treated you or a family member, this ‘Best Doctor Ever’ mug is sure to show them just how grateful you are for their hard work. This sweet mug is perfect for their morning coffee and has a cute, high-quality picture print and customizable text for their name. 

#2 Rose Gold Heartbeat Nurse Cuff Bracelet 

This stunning piece of rose gold jewelry is perfect for the doctor or nurse in your life. On one side you have a beautiful jewel, on the other a cut-out heartbeat symbol. This beautiful bangle slips on and looks simply stunning. It’s also hypoallergenic and nickel free meaning it’s even safe for sensitive skin

#3 After Patients & Before Patients Coffee Mug and Stemless Wine Glass 

Doctors and nurses with a sense of humor, (and a love of wine and coffee) will adore this comical gift set! It contains a ‘Before Patients’ mug for their morning tea/coffee and an After Patients’ stemless wine glass for a well-deserved splash of vino after a long day! 

Additionally, both high-quality pieces come handily packaged in a gift box and are dishwasher safe for time-saving and convenience. Perfect for a busy Doctor or Nurse!

Purchase the wine glass and mug set here

#4 Chill Pills – Gag Gift Pharmacist Gift 

This is another great gift for medical staff with a great sense of humor! These fun boxes replicate real medication yet are labeled ‘Chill Pill’ for a healthy dose of fun and laughter! You can take your pick from a cardboard box, or a small or large plastic bottle. Each is printed with the label but is left empty for you to add the recipient’s favorite candy before gifting it to them. This will make a great gift for pharmacists too, especially those who’ve been particularly busy lately and deserve some time to relax and enjoy their favorite sweet treats!

#5 PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer 

It’s no secret that the majority of us are glued to our smartphones these days, medical professionals included! And, as they cannot avoid being in regular contact with unwanted germs, this incredibly handy sanitizing case will make the perfect gift. It’s simple to use and still allows the use of its speakers for music and alarms while in use. Simply place the phone inside, close the lid, and let the ultra-violet lights inside the case rid their phone of nasty bacteria in minutes!

Purchase the smartphone sanitizer here

#6 Funny Medical Staff Gift (Emergency Meal Transport) Insulated Lunch Tote

Those with a sense of humor on the darker side will love this E.M.T (Emergency Meal Transport) lunch tote! It comes with a comical message printed on the front yet is made with seriously high-quality materials on the inside! It’s foam insulated and has a waterproof lining to keep their meal fresh and insulated for those much-needed meals on the go.

#7 caduceus Symbol Keychain 

If you’re looking for a more meaningful, thoughtful gift for the medical professional in your life, opt for this beautiful Caduceus keychain. The choice is theirs whether to keep it on their work or home keys but whenever they look at it and see that powerful symbol, they’ll know just how much they’re valued and appreciated.

Purchase the keychain here