Receiving the news that a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer can be difficult, especially if this is someone extremely close to you like your mother. Whether the outlook is uncertain or she is dealing with a terminal illness, spending time with her and creating memories that will last even when she is gone is of the utmost importance. However, trying to figure out how to spend this time can be stressful as you attempt to navigate your feelings and help them with other necessary items like their end-of-life planning.

Elderly parent

No matter what your situation may be, here are some helpful ideas on how to cherish your time with your mom post-diagnosis.

  1. Do something as simple as talking and sharing your favorite memories of the past.

You don’t have to be physically doing something in order to spend quality time with someone you love. In fact, something as simple as spending time with your loved one to talk about their day and reminisce is a great way to continue to strengthen your bond and connect with your mother.

Even as the symptoms of her condition may progress, this simple activity is something that you will be able to do as the two of you navigate the diagnosis (and it can even be something that you do with them when they are at a local cancer treatment center in Neptune, NJ). If you do feel like doing something while sitting and talking, you can easily use this downtime to play a board game, share old photos, or read things together. Remember, some of the best moments don’t have to be planned. Some may simply be enjoyable because you are sitting and communicating with one another.

  1. Take plenty of pictures doing things that you both enjoy.

While taking into account her energy levels and current condition, you may want to plan special activities and events that the two of you enjoy. This may mean going to the beach, dining out at a favorite restaurant, or even going to see a movie or concert that both of you have been looking forward to. These types of events can be especially memorable for you and your mother and are ones that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Additionally, you can hold onto these memories extra tight by taking plenty of photos and saving them in personal photo storage where they will remain forever. During times when you both are having an especially hard day or you are missing her after she has passed on, you can look back on these photos with fondness and remember the special moments that you spent together.

  1. Laugh as often as possible

Laughter is the best medicine. Whether it comes in the form of comedic books and movies that the two of you are enjoying together or embarrassing memories being shared with each other, laughter can help you both lighten up and experience some relief from the stress that the two of you may be feeling. Whatever may tickle you and your mother’s funny bones, share as many laughs as possible as you work through this situation together.

A cancer diagnosis can be difficult for both the person who has the cancer and the family members who are affected by the news. While grief is to be expected, it is important that you create joyful memories and deepen the relationship that you have with them during their time here on earth. If you’re looking for simple ways to cherish that time with your mother post-diagnosis, use the tips above to make the most of your time together moving forward.