As we all know this is a new age in which people want everything in their life to be trendy, exclusive and modern, be it household things, clothes and other items.  The smallest one which we may think is not that important are paper gift bags. These paper gift bags with handles are now being used by many of us to give away gift or packaging as they look classy and luxurious. These fantastic bags are not just beautiful and durable but are eco-friendly too as they are made from reusable paper.

You can buy paper gift bags with handles from any online or offline store or paper gift bags wholesale market at a reasonable price.

However, if you are like me, and more on the creative side, then you can simply make one, because when you are really in a hurry, you can’t step out or order online for paper gift bags. You can make it as it is very simple and can be made easy with just the things you can find in your home and I am sure you are going to be surprised with the outcome.

So, now let’s start with our creative handmade paper gift bags making preparations. 

Things needed to make paper gift bags 

  • chart paper color of your choice (size according to the gift) 
  • Satin ribbon 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue stick

Keep in mind you can get creative with paper for bags and wrapping!

Steps Involved in Making the Paper Gift Bags with Handles

  • Determining the Size According to The Gift Size.

For a better understanding, you can place the gift on the paper and wrap it around, which will help in getting an approximate idea of the size of the paper to be used.  Gift bags are perfect when your gift does not have a box, from Ecoy socks to larger items of clothing or toys.

And as you will have to fold it from sides and base so take extra-sized paper.

  • Cutting the Chart Paper

 After taking the size the next step is to cut the paper to form a rectangle, and as a chart paper has straight edges, it will be your saviour. You should cut the chart paper from the corners and not from the middle with the help of a ruler to help you make cuts at desired points. 

  • Folding the Top Edge

Keep the chart paper right side down and fold the top edge to (1/4th of paper) or just simply fold it to its centre than 1/4th   and 3/4 points. 

  • Next Step Is Folding the Bottom Edge (1/4th Paper)

After determining the bottom point you need to fold it, then apply glue on the bottom edge of chart paper and paste both the sides with glue and let it dry. You reached to half process.

  • Creating the Base 

You need to fold the base of the bag from 2 inches and determine the height of your bag and the space you need. Then unfold the last base fold and fold inwards along the side crease, making a triangular-shaped crease or flap.

Now apply glue on the crease and fold it inwards and repeat it for another triangular shape flap. Press it to make a firm base and let it dry, and now the base of your bag is ready.

  • Making Gussets

Both sides of the bag have to be folded. You will see the margin just pinch it from above and crease down to the middle of the sides. It will create gusset or pleats on both sides of the bag, and your bag is almost ready.

  • Add Handles and Give the Bag Your Personal Touch 

It’s the final step and depends totally on your creativity. To make paper gift bags with handles, you have to add handles, make a hole on the side of the bags with the punching machine. Then add handles of your choice either ribbon or thread, and it all depends on what you know are things available at that time.

And to decorate the paper gift bag, you can paint it with water or poster color, or you can use some stick accessories to decorate it.  You can also use wrapping papers to add some colors.

However, many are definitely going to make it, but for the lazy ones, you can go and purchase these beautiful creations from paper gift bags wholesale online. As it will save your time but you have to spend a considerable amount of money.

 But you can surely find what you need as there is a whole range of paper gift bags from a printed paper gift bag to fabric gift bags. Gift paper bags specially designed for weddings with golden design or colorful paper gift bags for birthday parties and many more.