We have been to the Bozen Kill Preserve in the past, and we recently decided to revisit it.  Our hike was pleasant, and it was nice to explore the various scenery and the Bozen Kill itself.

Finding the preserve is easy, and we use Google Maps to get there.

The trail head parking lot is small and can accommodate about 6-7 cars, so plan accordingly, as there are other preserves nearby (such as Wolf Creek Falls and Limestone Rise Preserve).  This photo is from when we left, but when we arrived, there were 5 cars parked head in and we parked along the side.

This gives you an idea of the trails; however, you can find a high quality map and more information here.

There is a kiosk with information, a map, even a trail register.

The trail starts off in a field, quickly heading into a forested area.

We started on the white trail.  It was nice to see that there were rocks in most areas that were prone to mud.

All of the trails are well-marked, with color-coded trail markers as well as signs.

We saw so many beautiful wildflowers along the way.

At the end of the white trail, we explored the Bozen Kill.

It was fun to search for aquatic critters, and there were several wildflowers here.

We continued on the red trail, which also ends at the Bozen Kill.

There is a marker that notes the end of the trail. We also explored the stream here before heading back.

We really enjoyed exploring the Bozen Kill Preserve.  While I usually prefer a loop trail, it was nice to be able to explore the Bozen Kill stream, and also to see different types of landscapes (field, wetlands, forest, etc).

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