For quite some time, neutrality was king when it came to interior design. Beiges, greys, creams and whites, all blended together to create a calming space which looks stylish but not very vibrant. These days, we have all become a lot more accustomed to colour and welcome it into our home. The danger is always going to be that one person’s taste will certainly not suit another, but we must remember why we are designing our home. Is it for us to enjoy the space in which we live, or is it to please others? If it’s the former, then other people’s tastes should not really register on our radar as something to adhere to. Our home is our castle and should be decorated accordingly! 

Fortunately, bolder colours are becoming increasingly popular and not just on our walls and soft furnishings either. Carpets and even doors can all fit in with the trend thanks to retailers such as Online Door Store who carry such a wide range of products that you can get almost anything you desire! Thanks to the nature of the internet, it has never been easier to create the look you want. So let us consider the hottest new colour trends that will improve your interior design.


Emerald, bottle, sage, mint; there is literally a shade to suit any look you are trying to achieve. Green is also one of the most calming colours to have in your home, so no wonder it is at the top of the popularity charts! It can be used in a multitude of ways, as an accent colour or as a full feature of a room with a more neutral colour as the accent. Don’t forget the tropical prints which feature a lot of green too!


Similar to greens, blues can be used in all different functions. They look great as the basis for a heavily patterned bathroom floor with matching wall tiles. Bedrooms can have the drama of a deep blue wall and soft furnishings with this picked out. Your home office could be in a paler, icy blue to provide stimulation. 


No, not just for females in a highly out-dated stereotype, pinks can be used in any home to look stylish. They can be mixed with other colours if a whole pink theme is a little too much – pink goes well with greys and blues, for example. Maybe try just a hint of it with a few cushions and silk flowers in vases. 


Mustard was huge in popularity a short while ago, especially when teamed with grey and thanks to Scandi-chic, yellow is having another hey day! This colour can look fabulous in lounges, even sofas look great in this colour, but it is bold, so be warned! 


Ok, there is poetic licence here because this isn’t specifically a ‘colour’, but whites and blacks always stand the style test of time because of their clean yet impactful finish. 

Regardless of what’s popular, don’t be shy when it comes to styling your home – go as brightly as you want to as it’s your space in which you should feel happy!