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As if Amazon wasn’t already successful enough, revenue for the company soared 25% year over year as COVID-19 boosted demand. We’re willing to bet that since late February, you’ve likely made an Amazon purchase or two yourself given local restrictions.

Whether you’re a customer that’s been forced to buy from Amazon or a regular, we’re betting that you’re interested in learning how you can save money on your future purchases with the eCommerce giant. If our hunch is on point, you’re in the right place! This post is focused on helping you find awesome discounts on Amazon!

To learn all sorts of useful hacks that can translate into hundreds of dollars worth of savings, keep reading!

  1. Take Prime for a Whirl

It seems that just about everybody is an Amazon Prime customer. If you’re not and aren’t sure the $100.00+ price-tag makes sense, you can take the service for a whirl and enjoy its discounts without spending a dime! The best way to do that is to claim a free Prime 30-day trial.

You don’t need special access to claim a Prime trial. Simply head over to the Amazon Prime sign-up page, and you should see the promotion front and center.

Prime members get discounts on Amazon shipping services and sometimes lower sticker prices on products.

  1. Pick Up One of Amazon’s Credit Cards

Amazon has a couple of credit cards they offer to consumers. Their Prime member-exclusive credit card is called “Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature”, and it’s a discount producing machine.

Not only do members get all sorts of rotating discounts on Amazon purchases throughout the year with that card but they enjoy 5% cash-back on everything they buy on the site! The best part is that the card carries no annual fee outside of you continuing to be a Prime member.

  1. Subscribe and Save

Amazon offers discounts on select items if you commit to having them auto-shipped to you on a regular schedule. For example, if you buy dog food on Amazon and agree to let Amazon send you a new bag every month (or in whichever interval works for your needs), you’ll score a 5%+ discount per purchase.

In theory, you could even opt into Subscribe and Save, get your first order at a discount and then cancel.

  1. Keep an Eye Out for Coupons

You can come across coupons pretty easily for Amazon products. In many cases, there’s literally a button on item’s store pages that you can click to apply an automatic coupon to your cart.

Can’t find a coupon on Amazon for the product you’re buying? No worries!

Amazon coupons can be found through third-party sites as well. Just run a quick search and see what you come up with.

  1. Convert Old Gift Cards

If you have a gift card laying around that is collecting dust, you can convert it into an Amazon gift card which means buying stuff without dinging your bank account! Several websites allow you to run this conversion.

Simply type “gift card exchange” into your favorite search engine and give the top results a once over.

  1. Use Your Rewards Points

Do you have a credit card that amasses rewards points? If you do, you likely have the means to score easy discounts on Amazon.

In your credit cards rewards portal, check to see if you’re allowed to convert your points into an Amazon gift card or apply them directly to your Amazon cart by linking your card to your account. Chances are, one of those two options will be available for all major credit cards.

  1. Try Your Luck on Rebate Websites

You’ve probably seen a commercial for websites like Ebates or similar services. These companies promise a percentage of your purchase back in rewards points if you do your Amazon shopping through their affiliate links.

While describing affiliate links is outside the scope of this post, all you need to know is that if you use a reputable rebate site as your gateway to Amazon shopping, you could earn extra cashback on purchases.

  1. Give Third-Party Sellers a Try

When most people buy items on Amazon, they hop onto a product’s page, click the “Buy” button and move on. The truth is though that clicking the “Buy” button doesn’t always mean getting the best deal.

Before you rush to check out, click on the third-party sellers link to see what prices marketplace vendors are offering for the product you want. Sometimes, you can find low-key discounts by buying from a small vendor as opposed to buying from bigger ones (including Amazon directly) which the “Buy” box tends to favor.

  1. Side-Step Sales Tax

Sales tax might not seem like a big deal on small purchases. When you’re buying something big though, it can add some serious weight to your total.

To sidestep sales tax, try and buy from marketplace sellers that are located in states that don’t require sellers to charge tax on digital transactions.

Discounts on Amazon Are Always Available If You Take the Time to Look

You’d be surprised by how many people don’t think it’s possible to get discounts on Amazon given the site’s already low prices. Those people could clearly learn a thing or two from you now that you’re a discount shopping pro!

We wish you a ton of luck scoring unbelievable deals from here on out. If you find yourself in need of more lifestyle advice, know that our team is ready to share additional awesome blog content with you!