There are many different types of gifts that you can give your mom on any given day. It is very easy to give her money so that she can buy any gift she wants. However, a lot of people prefer to buy something specific that she would like to use. The problem is defining what would make a great gift for your mother.  You can always browse websites for inspiration when you want something for Mother’s Day Lebanon.

Here are 7 thoughtful gift ideas for your mom!

Gift Basket 

A gift basket can be a great option for a Mother’s Day present because it can be filled with things that your mother enjoys. For example, if she likes to eat sweet-tasting food, it can have candy, cookies, and chocolates of different brands. If she likes salty foods, it can contain different types of cheese, crackers, chips, and wines. A gift basket can even include sampler boxes of different products, like coffee or tea. That can give her an idea of different brands that exist so that she can buy a certain brand that she liked.

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Women love jewelry. Any type of jewelry can be a great gift this Mother’s Day. You can give her a pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, a hairpin, an anklet, a pendant, a tiara, etc. Perhaps it can have her initials inscribed, so that it looks more personalized. The ones that are made out of gold or that have diamonds or precious stones tend to be very popular.


For Mother’s Day, you can give your mom a perfume. There are many famous brands to choose from. It’s important to know which scents your mother prefers. You can use a fragrance wheel to choose perfume, using the four types of notes: oriental, floral, fresh or woody notes. It is also important to choose a perfume that causes no asthmatic or allergic reactions.


You can buy your mother some clothes this Mother’s Day. A daughter that usually buys clothes with her mother might be the best suited for this type of gift because she knows her mom’s clothing size and the types of garments that she likes to wear. Any type of apparel can be a great gift: a sweater, a blouse, a skirt, a robe, pajamas, etc. Maybe your mother would like a particular outfit or dress as a gift. Maybe she likes to play a certain sport and you can buy her the types of clothes that players usually wear.


Ones of the best gift ideas can be furniture. You can give your mom a comfortable chair to sit when she is reading a book. Maybe you can find a particular chaise longue by a famous designer or an ottoman for the living room. Maybe a bench for the porch could be a great idea for a gift. Try to consider the style of the furniture that your mother has in her house so that it matches the furniture that she already has.


A game can be a great gift because it is something that can entertain your mother during her free time. If your mom likes table top games, you can buy her. a card game, a board game, a strategic game, or a tile-based game. If she likes to solve puzzles, she may prefer to receive a wire puzzle, a jigsaw puzzle, or a mechanical puzzle. Maybe a younger mother might like video games, like a computer or console game. 

Tech Gift

If your mom likes technology, you can choose a technological device that she will enjoy using. For example, you can give her a picture frame where she can upload any photos that she wants to display. Another option is a mug that keeps her coffee at the right temperature. If she reads a lot, she could be interested in an ebook reader, which is lighter to carry and can contain a great variety of books. It’s important to remember that it the tech gift you choose does not necessarily need to be pink.