What is prosperity? What steps can you take to achieve a more prosperous life? When all is said and done, are peace and prosperity the goals for which you should be striving? These are the sorts of questions you’re bound to encounter as you embark on a journey with prosperity meditation; to answer them, you will need to assess each one individually.

What Does Prosperity Mean?

Most people are familiar with the definition of prosperity that refers to material wealth, but in the context of Kriya Yoga, prosperity has a somewhat different meaning. Essentially, prosperity meditation teaches you how to recognize the abundance in your life by achieving the four great aims.

According to The Vedas, an ancient spiritual text, the four great aims are:

  • Dharma — living with a higher purpose and fulfilling this lifetime’s destiny
  • Artha — achieving the sort of wealth necessary to thrive, prosper, and succeed
  • Kama — reaching the point of truly enjoying life
  • Moksha — realizing a level of ultimate freedom

Often in modern culture, aims or goals are exterior achievements; the wonderful thing about these four aims is that they exist wholly inside of you. You already possess all of the abilities that you need to achieve these aims; Kriya Yoga simply teaches you how to harness those abilities.

Building the Basis for A Prosperous Life

You must learn to crawl before you can run; much in the same way, you must achieve the first great aim—dharma—before you can hope to move on to the others. Fortunately, dharma happens to be an integral basis for unlocking prosperity in your life.

Dharmic law teaches you to value the wellbeing of all things in the universe; this fosters a sense of oneness and connection. The resulting harmony brings about a level of abundance that you would never be able to experience without achieving dharma.

The universe wants every being housed within it to prosper; when you live your life in accordance with dharma (and therefore in harmony with the universe), you will feel an undeniable pull toward abundance yourself. It is possible that nothing around you will have changed since your Kriya Yoga journey began, but the fact that you will have achieved dharma will make it feel as if the entire world has shifted dramatically to be more welcoming and more abundant.

Harnessing the Power of Prosperity Meditation

Obviously, prosperity in the context of Kriya Yoga is related to abundance in the sense of personal harmony as opposed to material wealth. That being the case, it’s easy to see how the practice of prosperity meditation will allow you to become the fullest, most luminous version of yourself.

As you forge deeper connections with your truest version and with the world around you, you will find that meaningful prosperity always existed in your life, but your perception was clouded by the roadblocks that are so frequently touted as markers of success in the modern world.

Once you have learned to live your life with a firm grasp of dharmic law, you will find that it’s far easier to progress to the three subsequent aims laid out in The Vedas. The world around you may not shift, but through the practice of Kriya Yoga, you will find that true prosperity can be achieved from within.