The Coronavirus has impacted the global economy and the peace mind of many individuals around the world. The fact that you can leave your house and come down with a potentially deadly virus is terrifying to the general public. Taking preventative measures is going to be important as a reactive approach means you have already contracted the virus. Social distancing is the best method to reduce the spread of the virus but there are things that can be done at home. You do not want a visitor or delivery person to bring the virus into your home. The following are tips to clean your home to eliminate Coronavirus.

High Touch Surfaces Should be Cleaned Daily

There are going to be surfaces that are touched far more than others within a home. You need to clean these areas daily like that of doorknobs or areas in the kitchen. The importance of requiring everyone to wash their hands when they come home from being in public cannot be stress enough. You do not want someone to touch the fridge before they have washed their hands leading to an entire family getting sick. There are products that can be used that kill the Coronavirus on surfaces which is something you need to make sure of. Other products might kill quite a bit but not COVID-19. Wearing gloves during this cleaning is also recommended as the cleaning products can damage the skin when used a number of times. Below are tips to clean correctly according to government resources:

  • Wash a surface with soap/detergent and water first. Using a disinfectant product after this that contains a high level of alcohol will help fight the virus. Vinegar and other natural remedies are not going to combat the virus so avoid using these as your main defense.
  • Keep cleaning solutions on the surface for a few minutes so they can kill the virus instead of wiping them up immediately.
  • Avoid using these products on electronics like cell phones as they could damage them. Protective screens that can easily be wiped down are recommended.

Air Ducts Should be Cleaned

Air duct cleaning is going to be important as the virus is airborne which makes it that much more contagious. For those that live in homes where a person could be isolated the shared air could be a point of entry for the virus. Cleaning your air conditioning systems spiral ducting is going to be important regardless as you want to make sure your family is breathing in fresh air. Good ventilation is one of the tips given by the CDC in order to help flatten the curve of the virus outbreak. If you don’t have time or skills to it yourself, click here and see what professional air duct cleaning services can provide for you.

Laundry Tips

 The Coronavirus can survive on clothing but the period of time it can live on these surfaces is still up in the air. Clothes that have metal buttons can allow the virus to live up to a few days. Cleaning your clothes is essential and it is recommended to change clothes when returning home from a crowded location. One tip is not to shake out dirty clothes which is commonly done in order to reduce the spread through the air. Detergent and warm water will kill the virus on clothes along with putting the dryer on the highest setting. Shoes should be kept outside of the home and disinfected periodically as well.

Mothers have a huge undertaking when it comes to keeping their family healthy during this unprecedented time. Health starts at home by taking a proactive approach to staying healthy. Do not simply think that the virus will not impact your family as there are millions of people globally that have been infected.