The bond between the entire family and the dog is one that is unique to each family. The responsibility of the dog usually falls on mothers or fathers after a child has lagged in their duties to care for our furry friends. Cats are far easier than dogs to take care of as they need their litter box changed, to be fed regularly, and the occasional backrub. Our furry friends care for us too by keeping us active and helping us lower anxiety. Anyone with a dog understands the rush of positive feelings after a bad day at work that a dog provides by being excited to see you. Having another living being excited to see you when you are down on yourself can be one of the best feelings in the world. Below are how our furry friends keep us active and lower our anxiety.

They Keep Us in a Routine

Your pet has you trained much like you have them trained in a variety of ways. Your pet can bother you to the point where you know that they have to go out or need food. Pets keep us in a routine which is important when we don’t want to move from the couch. Going on daily walks is one of the best things that we can do for our health as it can be a part of our recommended hour of exercise. Going for a long walk in the morning and at night allows you to digest food after eating as well. Feeding your dog is also important whether you are choosing a high calorie dog food or dog food meant for pups with sensitive stomachs.

Pets Understand When Something is Wrong

A pet can understand when something is wrong with you even when the people around you cannot. They have great intuition and understand the differences in your body language when we are feeling up or down. Dogs are notorious for trying to jump on their owners and snuggle when something is wrong. Owners of huskies understand this to the greatest degree as these dogs are hypersensitive to the emotions of their owners and are very intelligent.

The Right Dog Can Make You Feel Safe

Owning a large intimidating dog even if they are a teddy bear can be scary to potential intruders. Nobody wants to encounter a giant Rottweiler or German Sheppard when breaking into a home as criminals usually take the path of least resistance. A loud bark can alert you of the potential danger which can be comforting unless your dog is too sensitive of a home alarm which is often the case. Dogs tend to be extremely alert if they feel like it is their responsibility to protect those in the home. Certain breeds like that of Boerboel are extremely protective of children to the point that parents cannot yell at children in front of this breed.

Pets Let Us Know We are Not Alone

The feeling of being alone can lead to depression and anxiety if it lasts prolonged periods. Being able to talk to a pet even when they don’t respond allows us to not feel alone. Pets are great company because you can involve them in a conversation as much or little as you want. Dogs are social animals so they enjoy your presence.

Our dogs care for us as much as we care for them. Take the extra time during your day to spend with your dog as it is time that you definitely will not regret. From extra walks to healthy treats, our dogs deserve them all.