My husband and I have loved traveling over the years, and we are missing going on a family trip to Mexico due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  While we are staying safe at home, there are some things we are doing to make the best of the situation.

Coba Ruins Mexico

Come up with a travel bucket list

I think everyone is dreaming about getting out of the house.  There are a lot of places we want to go locally, and now we know more than ever that we want to fit in our trip to Mexico when the opportunity comes.  There is everything on our list from short, local hikes to paring down our itinerary for our trip to the Mayan Riviera.

Get some travel pictures printed

It is nice to commemorate past travels with some great travel pictures.  I am a big fan of wall canvases!  (We got the one above from Canvas Champ).

Coolidge State Park, Plymouth, VT

Go through your travel gear

We recently went through all of our travel “stuff”.  Now is a great time to clean and organize!

We found that we had tons of old locks (and tossed a whole bunch of locks that were missing keys and weren’t TSA approved).  We cleaned out suitcases and bags, organized packing cubes, etc.  And our camping stuff.. wow did that need organizing!

Normally when we travel, it is a scramble and a lot of digging to go through all our travel gear.  It is nice to get everything organized so that it will be easier to find things in the future.

Avant Rent A Car Cancun Mexico

Clean out your car

If you do a lot of road trips, now is a great time to clean out the car.  During your thorough cleaning, take things out of the consoles, doors, and glove compartment, and go through everything.  Make sure paperwork is up to date and that you have an updated emergency kit.

Watch travel shows

Now is a great time to be inspired by watching some travel shows.  Anything from documentaries to National Geographic to House Hunters Island Edition.  It is nice to be able to dream about places you would like to visit, and check them out from the comfort of home during the pandemic.

Coba Mexico

Look for deals on travel items

Keep an eye out for sales on things like luggage, gear, and so on.